Zucchini Vs. Cucumber: Is There a Difference Between Them?

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With an appearance that is the same in terms of green color and elongated shape, zucchini and cucumber both do not seem to be different. However, this is actually an interesting reason why many would search for zucchini vs. cucumber. This is because no two same-looking things in this world can be 100% identical.

Zucchini vs. Cucumber

zucchini vs. cucumber

Let’s start with an interesting fact related to both. Both these vegetables are actually fruits, as they grow from a flower. This is something that very few people know. However, this is a similarity.

Furthermore, both have a similar look, especially when zucchini is small at its harvesting stage. So, what’s the difference? Is it worth looking for zucchini vs. cucumber?

Is Zucchini Different from Cucumber?

The answer is yes! Let’s start with the basic difference. While the source of origin for cucumber is India, the same for zucchini is Italy.

Further, while cucumber is categorized as both a vegetable and a fruit, zucchini is considered as a pure vegetable. Let’s explore zucchini vs. cucumber with further points of distinction.

External Look

This is perhaps the major reason why people cannot easily distinguish between these two agricultural crops. Both have a dark green skin and a seedy look. However, while a cucumber features a bumpy surface, zucchini has a rough one.

It also feels a bit cold when you touch a cucumber. Further, have you seen a yellow or orange zucchini? Well, this is the second difference. While the skin of a few types of cucumbers is smooth, some varieties of zucchini have orange or yellow skin.

Another difference is in terms of stems. The stems of zucchinis are woody at the end. On the other hand, cucumbers tend to boast trivial round scars. Cucumbers are not reaped with the stem, unlike zucchinis.

Internal Look

A zucchini has a drier and spongier pulp than a cucumber. It is also soft to cut. However, a cucumber has a firmer, more moistures, and crisper pulp. While both have a white pulp, a green shade exists in cucumbers to set them apart from zucchinis.


Both the crops can be consumed raw or cooked. However, as compared to its raw form, the taste of the cooked form of a zucchini seems to be the best. A cooked cucumber is crunchy but looks wilted and has a juicy taste. However, a cooked zucchini has a sweet taste and a soft touch.


You now know the points of distinction between zucchini vs. cucumber. Accordingly, you can choose one of the two crops for your diet.

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