Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Review – Why to Buy This Bread Maker?

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Zojirushi BB-PAC20 review – When we are having our breakfast in the morning, bread is a very common ingredient to us. We usually buy bread packets to eat the loaves with cheese or butter. However, to stay healthy and to save your money, it is better to prepare pieces of bread at your home. There are bread makers, designed to help you in making breads of any type.

These are the most functional appliances with lots of features. All the bread machines are different from each other, and Zojirushi is also one of them. Now, we like to present you with Zojirushi BB-PAC20 review.

Features of Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Two blades for kneading purpose

The presence of dual blades has made this Zojirushi bread maker distinguished from others. You will be able to knead thoroughly and then punch the dough very fast. You may not get this facility with the system, having one blade. While it is a rising process, these two blades are helpful for a very high rise. Those blades are much durable and deal with much amount of dough.

zojirushi bb-pac20 review

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Design of the baking pan and the lid

The baking pan has a non-stick coating, and it is designed to bake any rectangular shaped loaf.  You can easily slice the long loaf and then toast it. The system is fitted to a handle, made of stainless steel. You may remove the pan and blades regularly to clean them thoroughly.

The lid is also designed in an innovative way, and it is different from that of other bread makers. You can find a heating unit, inserted into this lid. This helps in triggering the process of browning the loaf. The brown layer on the top portion of your loaf adds taste to the overall look. The best fact is that there is also a Crust Control system that helps you to choose the intensity of brown color- Dark, Medium, and Light

Thus integrated heater with the lid makes the system more functional. The lid prevents the loss of heat, and without removing the lid, you can look through it to know the condition of the loaf. We have found that it is one of the unique features of Zojirushi bread maker.

Pre-programmed options

After blending the ingredients, the system bakes your cake automatically.

You won’t have to stir your pot, placed over the stove. The appliance helps you in tasting jam, free of additives and preservatives.

Whole Wheat
The kneading cycle can deal with much amount of flour.

Home Made
It is also a cycle for programming knead and the time for baking.  Most of the appliances do not have this customization option, and you may choose any of the three memory settings.

You can shape the dough and also bake it in your oven.

Several other settings

Prepare your pieces of bread within two hours.

By using the blades, this cycle works thoroughly to get benefit from the dry yeast.

Is there any option for choosing the size of the loaf?

While reviewing other bread makers, we have seen that they give an option to choose a preferable loaf size. However, in this Zojirushi bread maker, you can use one particular size for your regular purpose. You can have 2lbs of the bread loaf, and we think that it is much big for you. It is the best for most of the big families.


  • Best quality breads.
  • Timer.
  • LCD control panel.
  • Runs without making noise.
  • Various crust shades.


  • Consumes much space on your counter.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Review – Conclusion

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 is thus one of the amazing bread makers, useful for all users, having no special baking skill. You may invest in the appliance after reading our Zojirushi BB-PAC20 review.

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