Ziti Vs. Penne – What You Need to Know to Impress Your Guests

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Ziti Vs. Penne – Penne is by far one of the most popular types of pasta. You can find it everywhere. It has a distinctive design in cylindrical shapes. Ziti may not be as popular, but it’s still widely available in most grocery stores.

Although their names are often interchangeably used, the truth is there are certain differences between them. Sure, when you cook a meal, chances are most people will care about the taste. The design is also important, but it’s hard to go wrong with pasta.

However, it’s said that a good looking dish will make it taste even better (at least in your brain). This is why it’s important to learn the differences between popular types of pasta. So, what are the most important things to know when comparing Ziti Vs. Penne?

Understanding the concept of penne

Plenty of people don’t care about the type of pasta they get as long as they cook for themselves. The taste is more important, yet the appearance becomes critical if you cook for others and you want to make a good impression. Penne is normally available in two different varieties – rigate and lisce.

penne - ziti vs. penne

Penne rigate comes with some small ridges on every noddle. Pennon is yet another popular variety. It’s similar to rigate, only noodles are wider. Penne mostaccioli is not to be overlooked either. It comes with a smooth texture.

From many points of view, ziti is a variety of penne, so when you compare ziti vs. penne, you might actually compare the same type of pasta with… itself!

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Understanding the concept of ziti

The name of ziti is given by the actual cut, known as the ziti cut in the Italian cuisine. It can take several definitions though. Apart from being a type of penne, ziti may also refer to a completely different type of pasta. It looks more luxurious, so it’s a common choice at Italian weddings. In a wider form, ziti can be referred to as zitoni.

ziti - ziti vs. penne

Baked ziti is by far the main thing to consider when trying to compare ziti vs. penne. It comes with a proper filling, as well as sauce. It’s not just boiled, but also baked.

Cooking Ziti Vs. Penne

The cooking method is the main difference. Penne is cooked like most pasta. It is boiled until it becomes soft. It can also be baked after, depending on the recipe. As for ziti, it’s always baked. Since they both belong to the same wide category of pasta, it’s worth noting that they have similar cooking times, not to mention the water requirements.

Bottom Line

In the end, the cooking style is not the only big difference between ziti and penne. While penne is diagonally cut, ziti has a straight cut at the end. The diameter is larger in ziti and its surface is smooth – compared to the ridged surface of penne. Telling the difference between these variants is certainly hard, especially out of Italy. Products are often named in different ways depending on the area they are sold in.

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