Yeti vs. Orca cooler

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Comparing the Yeti vs. Orca coolers is a complicated ask, simply because both of these brands are considered to be the best ones on the market and across the planet as a matter of fact. But, we tested them in details and we discovered that there are more than just a few differences characterized for each cooler. As such, we will explain all of them in the content below.

Yeti coolers

Yeti coolers are probably the ones you have heard of so many times. There are plenty of benefits and reasons for that, but one we must explain the length of the ice these coolers can keep inside them. Most of the coolers will provide you with up to one day, which is considered as sufficient amount of time, but Yeti is much better. These coolers can provide up to 5 days when it comes to maintaining the ice in the natural form.

roadie yeti vs. orca cooler

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Now we will take a look at the insulation. Yeti coolers have 3 inches thick insulation all around the base and sides, but 2 inches thick on the lid. This isn’t some major difference, but it does affect the overall performance. Keep in mind that this also makes them lighter, so they are 1-2 pounds lighter than the second brand we will explain further below.

Now the sizes and the colors. In this case scenario, Yeti should win, but we are not sure about it. For example, they offer you 13 different sizes and the biggest one is 300 quarts. This is much better than the second brand has to offer. But, they come in 3 colors which are basically the same (silver, white and baby blue). So, we must deduce that in the case of sizes, Yeti is the absolute winner, but it isn’t when we take a look at the color options.

Yeti coolers are manufactured in the Philippines and they come with a 5-year warranty which covers the entire body. There is no other form of warranties available, keep that in mind. But, the advantage comes in the form of accessories. Yeti coolers come with plenty of useful accessories and in general, this combo is far more affordable.

In the end, we must say that Yeti coolers are very popular nowadays and there are a lot of people loving them due to the great sizes, value for money and the style they can offer to us all.

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Orca coolers

Orca coolers may look like something that you would look as an alternative to Yeti models but wait a second. First and foremost, these coolers have a better insulation. They offer you 3-inch thick insulation all around the cooler, including the lid. Yes, this makes them 1-2 pounds heavier in general, but this isn’t a big deal.

When we take a look at the sizes available, we cannot say Orca is the best option. There are only 6 different sizes and they range between 20 and 140 quarts. But, when we take a look at the color options, we can say that Orca is definitely the winner. They offer 4 colors including white, green, blue and etc. Yes, they offer fewer colors than the first brand here, but they are different and make the coolers versatile.
orca coolers like yeti

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Now the country of origin. Orca coolers come from the United States. They are tested and manufactured in this country and they must meet the latest regulations. What we will also add is the fact they are happy to reveal this fact in their advertisements.

A warranty is an important factor to consider, period. In this case scenario, you are looking at limited lifetime warranty on the body, which is much better than in the first case scenario. So if you are looking for a cooler that should be the best possible value for money and must come with an extraordinary warranty, Orca coolers are the best option.

The accessories are available as well, but their number is lower than the yeti models have to offer. Furthermore, most of the accessories are expensive, so you will need to pay an extra amount of money for them. This isn’t the main issue, but it had to be mentioned it goes in the favor of Yeti coolers.

Yeti vs. Orca – The Final Word

Yeti vs. Orca coolers cannot be defined and explained in a single word. They cannot be defined in the pages of content either, so the best cooler is the one that matches all your needs and the one that you like the most. We preferred Orca models, due to the fact they are better when it comes to insulation, there are different colors available and they offer a better warranty. But, Yeti are usually available at a discount, so they may be a hidden opportunity to get as soon as possible. After all, the decision is all yours!

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