white vs. yellow popcorn

White vs. Yellow Popcorn

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White vs. Yellow Popcorn – What is the Difference Between them?

Popcorn is the most popular and loved snack in the world. It is the oldest yet the most sold snack because it is light and tastes great. Due to the increasing demand for this snack, it has changed and evolved over time. Before, there was only one type of popcorns available, but currently, they are also available in yellow, white, red and many more colors.

They are available in a number of yummy flavors. When we talk about the flavored popcorns, they are easy to identify and choose. However, if we talk about the yellow and white popcorns, we often get confused and do not understand the difference between them. If you too are looking for more information about the white vs. yellow popcorn, then you are on the right page.

How are they distinguished?

People often feel confused when it comes to distinguishing between these two types of popcorns.  You may be surprised to know that they are actually not differentiated by their colors but their sizes. Yes! The reason why their color differentiates them is that they look all the same when popped. At the initial stages, the corns appear yellow and white but after popping both of them look the same. However, the yellow popcorn looks more yellow after they are added salt and butter.

These two popcorns are also distinguished by their structure. The white popcorns look more like rice popcorns as its kernels are thinner and look like rice. The yellow popcorns are larger and yellower on the other side. The shape of their kernels is like pear and they pop into bigger popcorn.

How do they both look different in their popped state?

Just like the shape of their kernels the yellow popcorns also look bigger and fluffier.  They appear in the shape of snowflakes and butterflies and look fuller. While the popcorns of yellow corns look bigger and fuller, the white kernels can only pop up to 40 percent of their size. This means that the yellow popcorns look bigger than that of the while popcorns.

The difference in taste and calories

There is a slight difference in the taste of these two popcorns as well. The yellow popcorns are said to preserve the taste of the corn more than the white one. The white corns, on the other hand, taste a little sweeter. However, when we talk about the preference of these two corns, the population is divided into half.

The yellow popcorns have fewer calories than that of white one, and they help you feel full without much calorie consumption. However, the white popcorns too do not have many calories, but they are heavier as compared to the yellow corns. The yellow popcorns can also help you in the weight loss program.  The yellow popcorns also have more fiber content which is good for the health.

White vs. Yellow popcorn – Conclusion

Both the white and yellow popcorns are equally good, but when we talk about White vs. yellow popcorn, then the yellow ones have more advantages than its counterpart.

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