The Dark Meat of Poultry – What Does Duck Taste Like?

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Have you ever had duck before? What does duck taste like? What can you compare it to? The truth is that duck is one of the best-rated types of meat out there due to is juicy and rich taste. Those who have never tried it will be a bit skeptical about it though. Generally speaking, it’s one of those things you’ll want to try at least one time.

Why Eat Duck?

There are some controversies about the high amounts of fat in duck meat. Sure, just like everything else in life, it must come in moderation. Don’t have it on a daily basis, but it’s alright every once in a while. It’s similar to red meat in terms of health standards.

what duck taste like

It’s extremely rich in protein, so it boosts the immune system, as well as the skin. The high amounts of zinc make it ideal if you want a faster metabolism, while the selenium will work on the thyroid function. Other than that, it will fight nervous system affections and anemia. It’s rich in iron, so it stimulates the hemoglobin production.

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As you can tell, duck does come with some benefits if eaten in moderation. But if you’ve never tried it before, you obviously don’t want to cook a large meal having no clue about its taste. So, what does duck taste like?

What Does Duck Taste Like?

Describing the taste or aroma of one ingredient can be hard because different people have different taste standards. As a general rule of thumb, you should expect duck to be meaty, tender and juicy. Also, it has a medium amount of fat. You’ll feel it, but it won’t disgust you.

Comparing duck to other types of meat is yet another challenging aspect. If you expect duck to taste like turkey or chicken, you’re wrong. Taking a bite will change your perception. In fact, it’s closer to roast in terms of both taste and texture, rather than other common birds.

The skin is a major difference. It’s thicker and becomes crispy when cooked. Sure, chicken skin also turns crispy, but duck skin will feel like a shelter around the actual meat. Just like other types of skin, it’s not so healthy due to the high content of fat. But then, it’s tasty, so you can give it a try.

When it comes to aroma, you should expect a cocktail of savory aromas and sweet flavors. Even if you don’t cook duck as part of a more sophisticated meal with plenty of ingredients, it will still provide a delicious taste.

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Dark meat is often a delicacy in terms of meat. When it comes to poultry, duck is the dark meat of this category. It might be seen as a delicacy then. It’s more expensive than other types of poultry, but its taste makes it all worth. So, what does duck taste like? While you can find some aspects in common with other poultry, its taste is quite unique. You will either love or hate it.

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