Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis Grills: Which Class Is Better For You?

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When it comes to the Weber Spirit vs. Genesis the choice is more than just complicated. Both of these ranges offer grills which are high-quality units and which come with extraordinary advantages. Of course, there are a few main differences that should be taken into consideration.

Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis – What’s the Difference?

Weber Spirit

These grills are something many people consider first. In essence, they are made of stainless steel and they offer great performances. We can say that they are very desirable. However, the overall quality of the construction isn’t as great as when it comes to Genesis.

Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis Grills - spirit e310

The main difference is the type of stainless steel manufacturer chose to use. Of course, the difference isn’t massive. All models from this class come with stainless steel burners, enamel-porcelain coated grills made of cast iron and etc. There are some differences with S-rated models, which we will explain below.

The base model here is E-210. It offers 450 square inches of cooking space and decent performances. But, E-220 adds 12.000BTU side burner, which is more than just appealing. We should add that these grills are great value for money and they are ideal for beginners.

The next model is E-310. It is bigger and more sophisticated. First of all, it offers 3 burners rather than 2 and the cooking space is 529 square inches. Once again we can see a side burner improvement (12.000BTU) which is known as E-220.

As we have mentioned there are S models. They are standard for both classes and they are something different. In essence, they offer stainless steel shroud, in this case. On the other hand, the situation with S models in the Genesis range is more than just different. Apart from that, there are no massive differences and they are the same models as E units we have mentioned earlier.

At the end, we should add that Spirit grills are more affordable. Yes, they don’t come with some impressive advantages or they offer some impressive results, but they are still a great value for money and something most users will appreciate.

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Weber Genesis

Genesis is a well-known class made by this brand and it can make a huge difference when it comes to a great grill. What we liked the most is the stainless steel construction. It is one of the best Weber has to offer and probably one of the best on the market. Here, the perfection is actually visible.

Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis Grills - genesis e410

The base model here is E-310 which comes with 637 square inches of grilling space and with additional side burner (which must be acquired separately). As you can see, this isn’t a small grill and it is more than just desirable for those who want something better than usual. These grills are more than just popular among people who are looking to use a grill for home-based parties or grilling purposes.

S models are present in this range as well. There are more differences than in the first case scenario. For example, the grates are made of stainless steel and they are not coated with enamel-porcelain. The stainless steel shroud is present as well, as we have seen it with Spirit models.

When it comes to the price, all Genesis models are more expensive. After all, they have been designed and made for users who will want and need the best grills on the market. We definitely cannot say that they are affordable, but they are more than just durable and they do offer impressive features and great capabilities. Think of these models as high-end grills and you will understand the point.

Keep in mind that Genesis models are bigger than Spirit ones, so they are not ideal for those who need a small and compact grill.

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Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis – Conclusion

The Weber Spirit vs. Genesis comparison is something we all should be aware of before we start looking for a new grill. In essence, Genesis grills are bigger and more expensive, but they offer better build-quality. Spirit models come with more affordable rates, but they are smaller and their construction isn’t as great as in the first case scenario. So, are you looking for a small and compact grill or a masterpiece which will meet your requirements even for parties?

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