Weber Spirit E-210 Review

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Here we have the Weber spirit e-210 review and we will try to prove to you why this is a highly rated model which is known for several things. Right now, all you have to know is that the unit is well-made, it comes with impressive warranty and it offers features you are going to need. At the same time, it is an excellent value for money and it comes with the impressive package. Let’s see more regarding this impressive grill.

Weber Spirit E-210 Review

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Superb ignition

We will have to mention the Infinity ignition the first main feature here, simply because it was redesigned recently, so it is something that makes a huge difference. It is also extremely easy to use and it is covered by a warranty, so you get everything you will ever need. This also means that using the grill is easier than ever and all you have to do in order to start it is to turn a knob.

Flavorized bars

The bars you will be able to see are impressive touch and make this grill special. In essence, they will catch the perfect mixture of air, grease, and smoke so your meals will have the well-known flavor. Therefore the name by the way. They are also appreciated by the experts and at the same time loved by beginners. In a nutshell, this is a simple system that makes you enjoy grilling even more. The main secret here is the angle of the bars which is kept as a secret and it is standard for all grills made by this manufacturer.

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Superior grease management

You don’t want a grill that doesn’t have a grease management so all the grease ends on the food or on the burners. Luckily this one comes with modern and sophisticated grease management system which is extremely easy to use, yet simple to maintain. Keep in mind that it will store all the fat and grease that doesn’t come in contact with burners and with flavorizer bars. The tray is located in the middle of the grill and it is disposable. Simple throw it away and replace it when needed.

Folding side table

You get a small table which is located on a side of the grill. It is obviously foldable, so when you don’t need it, it won’t occupy any space. On the other hand, when you need an additional space, simply unfold the table and it is ready. We can say that this is one of the most appealing, small features which can make a huge difference for users who need extra space. The table also offers hooks where you can hand your important tools or items.

Cast iron cooking grates

Now the main element of the grill. The porcelain cast iron cooking grates are just perfect. They don’t have the same thickness so they are suitable for grilling different parts of meat and different foods in general. This makes them special and rather appealing for beginners and experts. All you have to do is to use the grill once time and you will understand why these grates are so special and sophisticated.

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26.500 BTU per hour

As the title suggests, this is a powerful grill which comes with impressive BTU rating. It will provide 26.500 BTU per an hour and this is more than just sufficient for experts and those who look for high-end grills.


  • Manufacturer: Weber.
  • BTU: 26.500.
  • Dimensions: 26 x 48 x 57 in.
  • Weight: 100 pounds.
  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Material: Cast iron and stainless steel.


  • Superb and sophisticated cast iron grates.
  • Side foldable table is very convenient.
  • Attention to details.
  • Superb warranty covers everything.
  • Value for money.


  • Poor user manual.
  • Heavy and impractical to move.

Weber Spirit E-210 Review – Conclusion

Here we were able to present you the Weber spirit e-210 review or better said to assist you in trying to discover why the grill in question is so appealing and so popular at the moment. Keep in mind that it has been one of the most advanced models ever since it was developed and it offers great performances. We will have to recommend it for the beginners and experts who seek the best result. Grilling is truly fun with this grill unit.

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