WearEver Ceramic Cookware Reviews- Choosing The Right Set

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WearEver Ceramic Cookware Reviews – A comprehensive cookware set is the best gift to a cooking enthusiast. However, choosing the right material for cookware is also important. Nowadays, you can find the trend of using ceramic cookware. Although they are ceramic pieces, you can find the touch of stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

WearEver Ceramic Cookware Reviews – Two Popular Sets

The modern ceramic cookware pieces have also non-stick coating. While searching for the reliable cookware, we have found WearEver as the most popular brand. From WearEver ceramic cookware reviews, we have picked two best sets for you.

#1. WearEver Pure Living Non-stick Cookware – Red

wearever ceramic cookware reviews

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By investing in one cookware set, you can get fifteen pieces of utensils and cooking essentials. It includes a lid covered Dutch oven (5 Qt), sauté pan (two pieces- 3.5 Qt and 3 Qt), Saucepan (three pieces- 1 Qt, 2 Qt and 3 Qt), Frying pan (three pieces- 12”, 10” and 8”) and a steamer insert, made of stainless steel.


All the pieces are very lightweight, and you won’t have any issue in using them. These highly engineered products are dishwasher-friendly. Each of the pieces has a very sturdy construction.

Stylish Exterior

The pan and pot body has aluminum base, and that’s why it has good heat conducting capability. You will be able to cook your foods uniformly at a very low temperature. The pans’ base is ridged and bordered to make the design warp-resistant.

Interior Quality

You will get a non-stick coating on the ceramic interior side. This is a scratch-resistant and stain-resistant surface with no harmful chemical. The manufacturer has used no PFOA and PTFE for it. Foods won’t stick to this interior surface. Thus, you can clean the cookware set very easily.


The tempered glass lids are vented and they help you in viewing your foods clearly. Cover the pot or pan with this lid to prevent the escape of heat. The vent is also intended to keep up the steady temperature of the food that you are cooking with your cookware.

Oven Compatibility

With a medium range heat, this cookware set is safe for all the electric and gas operated cooktops. Under very high-temperature level, the coating won’t work, and you can find stains. With the lids, placed on pans and pots, these pieces remain undamaged to 350 degrees.

  • Safe cookware.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable pans and pots.
  • Silicone handles with an ergonomic design.

  • Ceramic coating must be better.

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#2. WearEver C944SA Pure Living Cookware

wearever ceramic cookware reviews

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WearEver has offered another cookware set, comprises ten useful pieces. It includes a high-quality frying pan (12 inches), Saucepan (3 qt), pots and pans of various sizes. Since there are different sized pieces, you may use the right one for cooking the small or large amount of the meal.


Most of the pieces are lid covered cooking utensils, and the best fact is that the lids can be interchanged with each other. Lids of the sets are manufactured with tempered glass, and you won’t need to pull your lids for looking at your foods.


WearEver has used eco-friendly materials for designing all its items. The pots, included in this set are made of non-stick components.

You won’t have to use much oil for preparing the meals. Thus, cookware will also not become greasy, and it is easily cleanable. The manufacturer has also used aluminum for creating the base-

Heat Endurance Capacity

You can use the cookware pieces in your oven safely. The highest temperature level that is endurable to your cookware is 3500F.


The soft touch riveted handles of each of the pieces are designed in a special way. They are ergonomic parts and made of silicone. In addition to the long handle, you will also find one on the top of the lid. The handles remain cool, and never absorb heat.

  • No PTFE, No Cadmium, and No PFOA.
  • Recyclable materials.
  • Ceramic design.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • High temperature resistant.

  • Aluminum layer does not last long.

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Final Words

We have presented you Wearever ceramic cookware reviews by choosing two different sets. Although there are similarities in the quality of pieces in the two sets, you still have to take time to make the best decision.

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