Learn How To Cook Canned Corn In 4 Different Ways

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Curious how to cook canned corn? It’s definitely easier than corn on the cob, yet you can still do it in a few different ways.

Canned corn has become a necessity in every household, as it provides a series of benefits and the exact amount of nutrients as corn on the cob, with an added benefit – convenience. You no longer need to boil the corn and take it off the cob. Furthermore, this ingredient can be added to pretty much anything – from basic salads to more sophisticated dishes.

how to cook canned corn

How to Cook Canned Corn: 4 Best Ways

If you want to learn how to cook canned corn in a simple way, you can consider some of the following solutions:

The microwave solution

Use a can opener if the can doesn’t come with a ring, then put all the contents in a water-filled pan. You should have just enough water to cover the corn. Leave it on medium flame and stir every minute until it’s properly boiled. Strain the water and place the contents in a dish. Add a little margarine or butter and cover it. Don’t make it too tight or the seal might explode.

Cook for around 3-5 minutes. Take it out and serve. When not sure how to cook canned corn, check the instructions on the can. Sometimes, the corn is already boiled and can be transferred straight to the microwave.

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The stove solution

Just like in the microwave solution, the stove option implies emptying the corn in a pan and boiling it if it’s not already boiled. It should be stated on the label. Put a little margarine or another oily alternative (like regular butter or cocoa butter) in a skillet, as well as some spices.

It shouldn’t take more than a minute to melt the margarine. Stir continuously to mix it with the spices, then add the corn. Cook for another minute while stirring. Once it’s properly mixed, you can serve. Some people also use the stir-frying method. It normally depends on the recipe you’re trying.

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The slow cooking solution

Slow cookers have gained notoriety over the past decade due to their healthy benefits. But, do you know how to cook canned corn with a slow cooker? It’s simple! This method is not just about a healthier alternative to microwaves and classic skillets, but also a better tasting one.

Open the can and boil the corn if you have to. Strain the water and put it in the slow cooker. Add some seasoning and mix everything with a spoon. A little milk will enhance your recipe, so pour it into the mix. Looking for more than just plain corn for lunch? Add some cheese, for example. Grate and spread it all over the corn, but without mixing it. Cook and serve with a nice cheesy crust on top.

The oven solution

Finally, the oven allows more sophisticated recipes, but you can just as well learn how to cook canned corn without pushing your limits. Boil the corn, then spread it over a baking sheet. Don’t forget to preheat the oven though. Bake for not more than 3 minutes. The corn should be golden brown by that time. Keep an eye on it, as it can burn quite easily.

Final Words

In the end, you don’t have to be a genius to learn how to cook canned corn, but just follow some basic steps and use your imagination.

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