All You Have To Know About Walleye Taste: You Will Be Surprised With The Answer

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What Does Walleye Taste Like? – There is a lot of different fish in the sea and rivers, obviously. An interesting fact is that most of them have different taste and different preparation techniques.

Here, we will stay focused on walleye. What is the walleye taste? In order to answer the question, you will have to know how this fish look likes, how to prepare it and a lot more. So, let’s start with the answer.

walleye taste

Walleye: Looks

This fish looks like Pikeperch and it is a member of the same family. On the other hand, the color is different. It is gold color fish with a round belly. The fish also grows in a controlled environment in order to meet the demands of the market, which is raising as we speak.

The meat is white and highly delicious, but we will answer this question later on. Keep in mind that walleye is known under a lot of different names, but the main one and the one that matters is walleye, obviously.

Walleye taste

The taste is like a fish. We had to mention this simply because some people claim that the taste is the same as chicken, but this isn’t the truth. As a matter of fact, the taste is fishy and rich in flavor. In order to get this taste, you will have to prepare the fish in a pan and fry it.

Add salt and pepper and you are done. Keep in mind that if you cook it, other flavors will be added and the taste of the fish will be hidden below other flavors. That’s why frying it in a pan is the recommended preparation method. When it comes to the texture, it is probably one of the best you can possibly get.

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At this point, we must add that this taste refers to the freshwater walleye. There is also Alaskan walleye, which is a saltwater fish. They do look similar, but the taste is completely different and these two fish are not members of the same family.

Preparing walleye

Of course, there are a lot of different methods you can use to prepare this fish. We will mention some of the most popular ones and try to help you understand why this fish is so special.

Baked walleye

This is the first and besides frying method the most popular way to prepare the fish in question. You will get a similar taste and the crispy exterior, so it feels and tastes just perfect.

Grilled walleye

Yes, you can grill this fish. The main concern is finding the fish fillets in this size. You will have to look for them, but after you have discovered them, just grill the fillets. The taste is impressive no less and you will get a perfect meal.

Roasting method

Yes, you can also roast this fish on a spit. It is a simple and actually primitive method that has been more than just popular across the planet. The taste is something special and it can’t be compared to anything else. This is also a simple method to prepare the fish.


It is a bit more complicated to prepare this dish, but at the end of a day, all people will enjoy eating it.


Here you were able to discover all about the walleye taste, how this fish look like and what the most popular preparation methods are. Now, you are free to get to a grocery store and get the meat of the fish. Prepare it on any method you like and enjoy.

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