5 Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians

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Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians – Vitamin D is one of the vital nutrients for the body, as it facilitates the absorption of calcium. This is mandatory for healthy development as well as repair of bones. Apart from calcium, it also helps in absorbing other minerals such as zinc, iron, and magnesium.

As a fact, this vitamin is not naturally present in many food items. Thus, its primary sources are sunlight and foods that are fortified. The sunlight source is not a direct one, as the UVB rays are responsible for vitamin D synthesis upon its penetration into the skin.

vitamin d foods for vegetarians

When it comes to food, there are a few vitamin D-rich items that can be a part of daily meals. Mostly, it is believed that non-veg food is rich in vitamin D. However, this does not mean that vegetarians cannot obtain a sufficient amount of this vitamin. So, how can they obtain enough of vitamin D? How can they obtain an easily accessible dose of this vitamin?

5 Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians

Well, the good news is that many sources of vitamin D are suitable to the vegetarians. By regularly consuming fortified foods, vegetarians can quickly get a sufficient dose of vitamin D. Let’s check them out!

#1. Whole Milk

Most of us know that milk is rich in calcium and other minerals. However, very few know that it is also a rich source of vitamin D along with fat and proteins. As per the experts, a single glass of whole milk has 20% daily value of vitamin D.

However, while skimming, all fat-soluble vitamins are removed from it, which includes vitamins A and D. This is the reason why milk is fortified with these vitamins to restore them. Such milk is instilled with the lost fat-soluble vitamins. Fortified milk is now among the staple foods in the U.S.A.

Kindly note that only whole milk offers a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Its by-products such as ice cream, cheese, and yogurt do not, except for butter that contains this vitamin!

#2. Tofu

What fish means to non-vegetarians for fulfilling the intake of vitamin D, tofu means the same for vegetarians looking for most accessible sources of this vitamin. In other words, tofu is a significant source of this vitamin for all vegetarians.

Made from soy milk, tofu is a powerhouse of different nutrients. Just 79 g of it gives 581 mg of vitamin D. It is one of the preferred vitamin D foods for vegetarians. If you do not like tofu, you can choose other soy products such as yogurt and plain soy milk. Of these two, per cup, soy yogurt has relatively more vitamin D content.

#3. Fortified Orange Juice

It is known that orange is a good source of vitamins C and A, just as most citrus fruits. If you make orange juice at home and have it fresh, it surely has no vitamin D. Nevertheless, some brands offer fortified orange juice that is instilled with this vitamin.

Just a single cup of such juice is likely to give a minimum of 100 IU of this vitamin. While this can persuade you to buy a packaged juice box, do also keep an eye on the quantity of sugar and preservatives.

#4. Ricotta Cheese

This is the only byproduct of whole milk that has a great quantity of vitamin D, which is five times more than some other cheese types. Its single serving has 25 IU of this vitamin. It is one of the best vitamin D foods for vegetarians.

$5. Fortified Cereals

A few kinds of cereal come with a good quantity of vitamin D. These are especially bran cereals that contain 131 IU of this vitamin. Even those fortified with fruits contain vitamin D but in less quantity. Consider buying cereals that provide over 100 IU of this vitamin.

Final Word

These five sources are ideal for vegetarians who seek vitamin D. You can easily get them from grocery and departmental stores.

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