Starbucks Verismo Vs. Keurig

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Verismo vs. Keurig comparison is probably one of the most common nowadays. The reasons are simple. These brands are popular, they make the best espresso machines and they are great value for money. But, they are far from the same, so we will be focused on the main differences brands have.

Starbucks Verismo Vs. Keurig Comparison

Starbucks Verismo

We will start with the Verismo. First of all, you should know that their models are commonly used in Starbucks coffee houses so the taste and flavor of the coffee is well-known. This is actually one of the main reasons why these models are so popular and so appealing to most users.

starbucks verismo vs. keurig

Verismo vs. Keurig comparison is simple at this point. Verismo models offer well-known taste and they are ideal for those who want to have this type of coffee in the comfort of their home.

When we take a look at the design, we can see plenty of differences. All Verismo machines are smaller and compact. This benefit is important if you are looking for the machine which will be positioned and used in a small kitchen, or an area where space may be an issue. In other words, these machines are very compact, but they still offer plenty of advantages.

Speed is one of the best features here. Verismo models will offer you a cup of coffee in 52 seconds, espresso in 13 seconds and milk in 32 seconds. Yes, this is quick and considering the price a great specification. The pods are easy to insert into the coffee machine and there is a compartment which holds used pods. The capacity is 10 pods. Emptying the compartment is easy and simple and there is no need for explaining this advantage anymore.

The price of this unit is more than just affordable, so we can say that it is a great value for money. This is also one of the main differences compared to Keurig coffee machines, which are more expensive.

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It is very difficult to explain the main differences here. Let’s start with the design. All Keurig models are more expensive than the first brand we mentioned here. Keep in mind that the price isn’t significantly higher, but these units are generally more expensive when compared to the direct rivals made by the second brand here.

verismo vs. keurig coffee machine

The second difference is in the design. These units come bigger and massive compared to Verismo. The main difference is in the dimensions, water reservoir size and the look of a unit. They generally look better and more appealing to users, so they are great if you want to have a great coffee machine, which also looks great.

The mechanism these machines use is different as well. They use pressure system which is well-known and reasonably quick. Yes, there is a compartment for used pods, but the cleaning of the machine isn’t as simple as in the first case scenario. You will need around 10 minutes in order to clean a machine and it will last around 5 years without a single issue.

K-pods are more than just welcomed here. They are more affordable than in the first case and they come in many, different flavors. Of course, you must know that they can help you get hot chocolate and tea whenever you want. Over a long period of time, these capsules will save you a lot of money. Don’t forget that a single one can last for 18 months (shelf life).

The bottom line regarding this brand is that you will have to invest into a decent coffee machine, but it features the latest design, it is more affordable to run and it comes compatible with all sorts of capsules you will be able to use. Of course, the quality shouldn’t be mentioned because it is great.

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Starbucks Verismo Vs. Keurig – Conclusion

It is almost impossible to tell, which brand in the Verismo vs. Keurig battle wins. These are different coffee machine makers, with different advantages. But, if you are looking for a cheap machine which will serve you for many years, Verismo models are just great. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more sophisticated machine, Keurig models are highly desirable.

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