Can You use Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove?

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Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? The question bothers many homemakers who don’t know whether cast-iron is ok to use on glass stove. Well, the correct answer is yes, but there are exceptions as well. Some people use them on glass stove, but if you don’t get the rules right then, it will damage your investment.

Can You use Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove

Many experts’ advice people not to use them because they are simply not meant for glass stove. So what should we do? Should be quit this idea or can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? Well, you are going to see unbiased views on this topic and get an unbiased answer as well.

What manufacturers have to say on this?

Many manufacturers agree with the fact that cast iron isn’t ideal to use on the stoves made up of glass. They are made of a delicate and vulnerable material, and heavy weight of cast iron can damage it. When we put soup or water in the cast iron, we add more weight to it, and this isn’t going to work for sure.

What happens if it slips from your hands? It would either crack the stove or broke it, and in both cases, you have to suffer loss. Also, let’s see other reasons that make cast iron pot unideal for ceramic or glass stoves.

They don’t have flat bottoms

These advance stoves need utensils with flat bottoms so that heat can evenly spread throughout the entire surface. In case, the cast iron isn’t even or have flat bottoms cooking any meal on it take 30% more than the flat one. In simple words, cast iron can increase your expenses.

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When you have ceramic or glass stove, then the pot size should not be more than 1-2 inch larger than its burner. Cast-iron, on the other hand, is larger than the recommended size which makes them imperfect for such modern stove. Because of its large size, heat doest distribute evenly and cooking time take long and you have to wait long for your meal. Using cast iron can also damage the cooktop surface.

Rough finish

Cast irons have a rough finish that can make your glass stove look bad and can scratch its surface. They are unsafe to use on the glass cooktop and just damage it.  Aluminum is considered best for such modern stoves because they are safe to use.

However, as I have said above that there are exceptions, and if you take certain precautions then, you can use cast iron but not too often.

  • You can go for cast iron with the flat and even surface. Also, they should not be thick as well.
  • Take care of its size and make sure that it should not more than the size of glass stove burner.
  • Be careful while handling heavy skillets when you are using ceramic or glass stove.

Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? I think you got the answer, but one should always use skillets meat for these ceramic or glass stove. Why take the risk?

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