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Types of Grills with Description and Uses

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Types of Grills – Grilling is considered to be the most popular method for cooking. With its efficient use and benefits, it can be seen easily that countless people are started using the grilling method for many applications.

It is a way which you can take your cooking process to the whole new level. Further, with it, you can add delicious flavor to your food. Also, you don’t need to wait for too long, and you can get your delicious food in just minutes as the process is fast.

There are types of grills which you can use for different purposes. Here in this article, we will discuss different types of grills, so you will know which is most suitable for you.

Two Types of Grills

Outdoor Grills – These are specially designed for applications for shops. Most of them run on open fire, and there are a variety of outdoor grills, differentiated with its equipment and tools.

Indoor Grills – These are designed for indoor applications as they run on charcoals and gas, so you can control its temperature or heat.

Grills designed for outdoor applications

Open fire grills

Open fire grills have been used for centuries back as they work like fuel and you don’t need to pay for it. In this type, you get a ring-shaped structure of metal or heavy masonry. This machinery is used in containing a small fire, which in turn gives you source of fire (Basically, in these metals, there are fuels filled in the rims of metals which is useful in giving a source of fuel).

This is the simplest way to make out camp on a usual basis as they are reliable and give effective results in grilling somewhat any types of food to give it a good flavor.

If you want to regulate temperature, then the only way to do so is to reduce wood or change grill place time to time. This method is good for grilling as firstly outer part of the food is burned then flames get inside of the food, so you get tasty food.

Charcoal Grills 

Grills which are designed primarily for charcoal are varied with some types and sizes. So, whether you are looking for small events or big events, this method turns to be helpful. Basic charcoal grills consist of a small cast of an iron container with a great which is used in preparing food. Charcoal is placed inside the metals which are shaped like a square, round, or oblong, and the food is cooked above the grate.

These types of small grills are known to be hibachi (traditional grill which has been popular throughout Asia, also these grills are popular in the United States for years).

Other types of charcoals grills are constructed depending on the different features they provide.

If you are looking for more sophisticated models, then the most popular among them are kettle grills with large, domed covers. Covering is done with vents at the top and regulation of oxygen source is placed at the bottom to vary temperature according to your requirement.

Some models are available in ash-containers, storage units for utensils and attached work surfaces. Charcoal grills most likely, you can find it for rolling carts as they work with ease in maneuverability.

One of the best and popular charcoal grills is the type which includes a small tank of gas. Usually, they are smaller version of the propane tank but its working is great, and you can use it as a primary fuel source

Gas Grills

It is found to be extremely popular among the outdoor grill as they are available in many varieties with huge variation in their purchasing costs. They are helpful in providing the excellent grilled flavor to several types of food.

Mostly, wood chips and wooden grilled planks are considered to be most popular in conjunction. During grilling, it imparts different tastes and flavor to the food. Most important part of it is you can control its temperature. Most models consist of vulnerable settings for regulating temperature and heat.

Grills designed for Indoor applications

Indoor Fireplace Grills

One of the most popular one used in fireplace grills is considered to be Tuscan grill as this is the only grill with heavy metal grate and sturdy legs that help for a grill to place charcoal or wood above the fireplace. As names imply, it is popular in Italy and the most important part where it is used widely in Tuscany region. It is a traditional method to save time and to make tasty food.

Indoor Ranges Grills 

Nowadays, we can see that many of the manufacturers of kitchen advice person with the inbuilt grill as an option so that they can make it more reliable. This feature enables you to use it widely for many purposes as you can amplify it time to time with up gradation on its settings and adding equipment. Most built-in grills are used in proving venting system, so excess smoke and cooking fumes can be drawn out easily from the kitchen.

Electric Countertop Grills 

Portable electric countertop grills are considered to be best among the indoor grills. They are designed in such a way that there are no chances that fumes or smoke will pass from kitchen to other room. Also, these are safe, and anyone can use it. If you are facing difficulty in some other type of grills, then it is to change and replace it with portable electric countertop grills.

Final Words

These are the types of grills. If you are looking forward to purchase one, then you should be sure to buy it online as they are secure, and anytime you need service, they will provide you with the best one.

You should be sure to see reviews and check the history of the online store of these grills before you purchase so that you are safe and you minimize risks. Look for high quality and get an affordable grill with a good return policy among other features.

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