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All about the Types of Lobster and Factors Determining Their Quality

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Types of Lobster – You must have heard about lobsters, and if have not, then you have hit the right place. Lobsters come from the family of marine crustaceans. They have a long body and muscular tails which are considered very delicious by some of the people. The lobsters are referred as one of the most expensive seafood commodities which are highly profitable and economical in the coastal areas.

Lobsters are very delicious and make some of the best continental foods all over the world. In case you have not cooked them yet and don’t know much about them, you should know that there are various types of lobsters which define its taste and textures. You will notice that one of the lobster recipes tastes entirely different from each other. This is due to the difference the types of lobster.

Know more about the Types of Lobster

Lobsters are the most in-demand seafood after fishes. They come from the family of crustacean and have five legs and claws too. The claws of the lobsters exist based on their types.  It is known that the lobsters which do not have front claws are found in warm water while those with the claws are found in cold water.

Generally, the types of lobster are categorized into two main types which are warm water lobster and hot water lobster.  They are further subdivided into various, categories.

Warm Water Lobster

We all know lobsters with big claws and hard shells, but the case is entirely different with the warm water lobsters. They are different from those available in cold water and have antennae like structure in place of claws. They are also referred to as rock or spiny lobsters and are divided into various other categories. The types of warm water lobsters are as follows:

Caribbean Lobsters
These lobsters are found in the Caribbean Sea and also in the Gulf of Mexico and North America. It is known that the tail of this type of lobster is the best and most of the fishermen hunt it for their tail. Their tail is approx 3 inches long, with a hard shell and yellow spots on it. Some of the lobsters are also seen with stripes on it.

Australian lobster
You might have seen the lobsters in red and brownish colors but the Australian lobsters are red and green in colors. These lobsters can also be said as the unique beasts found on the coast of Australia. These lobsters have a smooth flavor and rich texture.

South African lobster
The strange and interesting thing about lobster is that they can move backward more quickly than forward. They have an antenna like structure instead of claws. Their tail is big and fleshy, and most importantly they are hunted for their tails.

Pacific lobster
Just like all the other warm water lobsters; the Pacific lobster’s doo does not have any defined claws and are found in oranges color. These lobsters generally weigh one to 5 pounds at the time of harvesting, but they can also grow as heavy as 15 pounds. The Pacific lobsters are an affordable treat and are loved for their tails.

These were some of the warm water lobsters known best for their tails and smooth textures. The other famous batch of lobsters are found in the cold waters, and they are given as follows.

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Cold water lobsters

The lobsters found in the cold water are different from those in hot water. They have claws and hard shells. While the warm water lobsters are hunted for their tails, these lobsters are known best for their claws. Here are some of the types of lobster found in cold water:

Canadian lobster
These lobsters are found in the Atlantic east coast of Canada. These lobsters have to shed their shells in order to grow. This is the reason you can find them in both hard and soft shells in a different season. These lobsters are also harvested in order to reduce their population explosion.

Maine lobsters
These lobsters are somewhat same as that of the Canadian lobsters. They are also known as Homarus americanus. They are favorites to the people who love to take claw meat.

Those were the types of cold water lobster popularly known. With the above information, you will be able to identify all types of lobsters and differentiate between them. There is just a minor difference with the types of lobsters but what makes it good is its quality and taste. Here are some of the factor that defines the quality of the lobsters.

Factors determined to get Good Quality Lobsters

Their quality depends on various factors some of which are:

  • The age of the lobster – it is said that the little lobsters are the best taste as the older they get, the tougher their meat will be. So whenever you are going to buy the lobsters make sure you pick the smaller ones.
  • The freshness of the lobster – if the tails of warm eater lobsters are flash frozen then you can thaw them and cook and eat quickly and enjoy the taste of flash lobsters. If they are not frozen or packed properly, then the freshness may escape, and you may not enjoy a very good taste.
  • Season – the season in which you are buying also depends on the quality of their taste. If you are well aware of the molting season in the area from where lobsters are shipped to your place, then you can have fresh and good quality lobsters.

The next time you have to choose a lobster, keep in mind the above-given tips and types of lobster. If you love the tails, then you can go for warm water lobsters, and if you love claw meat, then you can choose the cold water lobsters. Hope this guide will help you know the types of lobsters and the factors that determine its freshness.

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