Truvia vs. Splenda – A Comprehensive Comparison

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Truvia vs. Splenda – What are Truvia and Splenda? Both are sugar replacements or sweeteners that are used for cooking and to sweeten your tea. Both are sold in small sachets of granules and are non-caloric, so they assist in weight control and allow Diabetics to sweeten their food, guilt-free.

Truvia vs. Splenda – What’s the difference?

truvia vs. splenda


Splenda is made with an artificial sweetener called sucralose.  It contains glucose and maltodextrin and is proven to be 600 times sweeter than regular sugar. Splenda does not affect the blood sugar and is therefore widely used by Diabetics, while for slimmers, it has a much lower calorie count than sugar, so it helps to keep weight gain at bay.


Truvia is made from the Stevia plant and is, therefore, a natural product. Although, it has been banned in the UK, as part of their strict policies on GMO products, which leads us to wonder how “natural” it really is. It has become increasingly popular in the US, as a healthier sugar replacement, with a zero-calorie count.


Splenda is still a more popular choice because it is sweeter and doesn’t have the distinctive aftertaste that Truvia has. However, Truvia, being plant-based, is the healthier option, with fewer negative side effects.

Splenda, which is made from a synthetic product (sucralose) has some potentially damaging effects on the body, such as increased insulin levels and swelling of the liver. Sucralose, like Aspartame, is under the microscope at the moment, because of potential health hazards.

If we’re looking at it purely from a taste point of view, then Splenda is the way to go, however, Sucralose has been linked to liver complications and increased insulin levels, so it’s not the healthier option. Truvia is the healthier alternative, being plant-based, but the distinctive aftertaste will take a bit of getting used to. In terms of calorific value, however, the two are very similar.

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