Traeger Renegade Elite Grill Review

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Traeger Renegade Elite Grill (TFB38TCA) – Grills that use wood pellets are extremely popular nowadays and chances are high that they will be even more popular in the near future. The Traeger renegade elite grill is one of those models you simply must have or better said you want to own as soon as possible. So, let’s see why this grill is so desirable.

Features of Traeger Renegade Elite Grill

traeger renegade elite grill

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6 in 1 versatility

The first and the most important advantage of the Traeger renegade elite grill is the fact it offers 6 possibilities. With the unit, you will be ready to grill, smoke, braise, roast, bake or BBQ any type of food you like. This is possible thanks to the innovative design of the grill in question and thanks to clever techniques the manufacturer used. Of course, Traeger is one of the leaders when it comes to grills, so this isn’t a coincidence.

Superb temperature controller

We all know that when it comes to grilling, temperature is the main element to consider. Well, in this case scenario you have something special at your disposal. The temperature controller is a masterpiece and it is based on the latest technology.

What this means is that the unit is accurate in maintaining the carefully set temperature. The system is accurate within 20 degrees and setting the temperature is done using a simple dial located on the left side of the grill.

Advanced consistency

The next main thing all grills should offer is the consistency of the temperature. This model is actually one of the best in providing precisely that. We must say that this makes a huge difference in food grilling and provides professionally grilled meals in no time.

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If you are looking for the best way to prepare impressive meals, this small grill will definitely make a huge difference. It is also something all beginners should consider. In other words, this small grill will make a professional out of you, even if this is the first time you use a grill.

380 square feet of cooking space

You may believe that small and compact grills like the model we have here are too small, but you would be wrong. As a matter of fact, this unit offers more cooking space than many other models, available in the same price range. 380 square inches of cooking space is usually considered as ‘’more than you need’’ for most families.

In a nutshell, you get all the space you will ever need, but there are no drawbacks which are usually related to massive dimensions and high weight. Simply said, you get a sufficient amount of cooking space and chances are low that you will ever need more space.

Tool caddy rack

If you are an experienced griller, you will know that caddy rack is always needed. In this case scenario, we have something even better. The caddy rack has been carefully designed in order to provide as much space as needed.  What this means is that you can keep all your sauces and additions alongside your grilling accessories at the same spot. Let’s say that this caddy rack is one of the best we have encountered and it is the next best thing about the grill in question.

Auto-start ignition

A few years ago, grills that use wood pellets didn’t have auto-start ignition, which made them too complicated to use and even a nightmare for most users. The model here doesn’t share the same problem. As a matter of fact, it comes with the simplest and the best ignition system available at the moment. All you have to do us to flip a switch and the fire will start. As simple as that.

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Traeger Renegade Elite Grill: PROS & CONS

  • Large cooking area.
  • Compact and smart design.
  • Impressive caddy rack.
  • Porcelain coated grate of the highest quality.
  • Auto-start ignition.
  • Smart temperature control dial.

  • Lid handle insulation.
  • Complicated user manual.


In the end, all we can say about the Traeger renegade elite grill is that you need this item! It is small, compact, powerful and versatile. In essence, it offers everything you are going to need and it is still a great value for money. When it comes to drawbacks, there are no severe ones, so this grill is perfect for beginners and advanced users.

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