Tips for Selecting the Best Countertop Ice Maker – Top 3 Products Reviewed

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Best Countertop Ice Maker Reviews – The modern refrigerators are capable of generating quality ice cubes these days. However, for many of us, it is inconvenient to handle those big or narrow ice trays. At times, more ice cubes are required than what a normal ice maker in a freezer can give. This is where you need the best countertop ice maker that makes more ice cubes than a normal freezer without any inconvenience.

Ice makers for homes usually are of two types namely, under-counter makers that reside along large appliances and countertop makers that fit on a counter or shelf. The latter ones are light and small. The evident advantage of countertop ones is their portability due to which you can easily carry them with you. This is a plus point for campers and picnic goers.

Further, there is no need of any distinct skills to install a countertop ice maker, unlike an under-counter one that demands a professional aid. Further, the speed at which it makes ice is almost 20 times faster than what a normal tray takes (usually 3 hours).

ice cubes

Countertop ice makers are the simplest and fastest way to make ice. You only need to pour water and press a switch to get ice in next 10 minutes. Well, this is seriously ice on-demand. Even by being on a table, it can give up to 26 lb. of ice daily.

If you use ice too often, an ice maker can be a cost-efficient deal. This is because it saves you significantly from spending much more on ice bags in a store. However, you need to know how to choose it right.

Factors To Consider for Buying The Best Countertop Ice Maker

As there are many models to consider, it is wise to start by recognizing what you want. For example, this would include knowing the ice capacity, purpose of use, number of ice users, ease of use, and size of ice cubes.  Once you know your requirements, it becomes easy to shortlist the models and choose the one that closely fulfills your requirements. For shortlisting, here are the major factors to consider:

Size and Weight

Choosing a small or big model depends on how you intend to use the appliance. For this, you need to know the number of users for whom you need ice. Are there over 30 people? If yes, then you need a big model.

You will need a lightweight model if you not only want to keep on a countertop but also intend to carry to outdoor spots. You can easily use compact models on boats and RVs on which they will not occupy much same. In terms of size, ice makers vary notably, with some being as large as a woofer.


A few portable countertop ice makers are faster than the rest. For example, some take only 8 minutes to make ice for some small drinks as compared to those that take 13 minutes. Generally, smaller units are faster. Consider such units for chilling your drinks quickly.

Frozen Duration

Usually, smaller models tend to make colder ice that remains frozen for a longer period than the bigger ones. As long as the ice is within, the smaller models tend to retain the desired lower temperatures.

Mesh Filter

Having such a filter can prevent penetration of any residue or dirt inside the maker where ice is there. It is wise to filter the water prior to putting into the appliance.

Bottom Drain

It is essential to drain the ice maker once you have finished using it to prevent mold. It is simple to do so when there is a drain facility at the bottom instead of on the side.

Cube Size

Majority of models come with two settings indicating the size of ice cubes. Smaller cubes are faster to make but are quicker in melting. While the actual difference in sizes is insignificant, this factor may hardly be of any importance to you.

Top 3 Best Countertop Ice Maker Products

If you are looking for the best countertop ice maker that does a fine job of making batches of ice quickly, perhaps our product recommendations below can help you make a decision.

#1. Think Gizmos TG22 Ice Maker

This portable and compact model is among the quickest ice makers with the capacity of producing 26 lb of ice cubes daily. You can make crunchy cubes in only six minutes and add them to drinks or beverages. There are three different settings to set the cube size.

thinkgizmos best countertop ice maker machine

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The control panel on front facilitates quick toggling between these settings and shows indicators for more water and fully filled. ABS and stainless steel make this model elegant and durable. The bucket can contain more than two pounds of ice. The device comes with a big bucket and a scoop.


  • Good look.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Draining facility.
  • Quiet.


  • Instances of ice melting when put in the basket.
  • Bit costly.

#2. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker

This one also makes 26 lb of ice daily and stores 1.5 lb of it for serving drinks and beverages instantly. It also makes a fresh batch of small icy bullets within eight minutes. However, unlike other models, this one is truly light and comes with a big reservoir storing over two liters of water to make ice.

homelabs best countertop ice maker machine

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This allows you to be with your guests without any distraction. Further, it comes with the latest cooling system that is well insulated and efficient. The device shuts off on its own if ice covers it fully.


  • Lighter than usual.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Draining facility.
  • Affordable.
  • Great insulation.


  • Bit loud.
  • Cannot retain ice for long.
  • No support for multiple cube sizes.

#3. Gourmia GI500 Electric Countertop Ice Maker

This compact and professional appliance makes up to 30 lb of ice daily when set to any of the three cube size settings. It also stores over 2 lb of ice and makes 9 cubes in almost 10 minutes. However, unlike other models, it comes with additional utilities such as a timer, an alarm to indicate the reach of refill state, and automatic shutdown.

gourmia gi500 electric countertop ice maker

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  • Sturdy build.
  • Draining facility.
  • Extra features such as clock and timer.


  • Bit slow.
  • Somewhat noisy at times.


Consider going for smaller countertop ice makers as they are faster and keep ice cool for a long time. However, you should go for a sturdy, fast, and cooler ice making model. We’ve mentioned some of the best countertop ice maker products in this article to make your decision easier. So, take your time, then choose one of them that fits your needs.

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