Some Tips on How to Clean Drip Pans

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If you are looking for tips on how to clean drip pans, you are on the right page.

Even in the cleanest house, there are chances you will find some of the other things which can make the guests doubt your cleanliness habits! Well, it’s not your mistake as you can’t take care of everything around the house. Same is what happens with our kitchen containers or pans.

how to clean drip pans

How to Clean Drip Pans

You might have discovered your pan changing its original color to black, after a period of time. However, most of the people view this as something being caused due to the effect of flames. But when inspected keenly, it is a bulk of filthy layer stored on your drip pans. So, do you ever wonder as to how you can clean drip pans? If yes, then this write-up is undoubtedly going to help you in cleaning one with ease.

First, figure out its condition!

Before we go through the cleaning tips and ideas, it is essential for you to understand whether your pan requires such specific cleaning or not; If yes, then to what extent. The intensity of accumulation will determine the type of method to be chosen for cleaning. Well, this might be nothing new for regular kitchen users, but totally new concept for the beginners.

  • Try to check out the color of your pan. Was it silver initially and have now turned on to a scorched black colored pan? If yes, then the conditions are horrible.
  • In case it isn’t visible, then try to touch it with your finger and see whether any black dark oily film gets on your finger or not. If it does, effective cleaning is required!
  • Also check out if it sets off, a smoke alarm while the burner is turned on.

If you witness any of these happening, then it’s time to tighten up your sleeves and bang on with your weapons on the pan. However, it’s not always so easy to clean up. People break down their scrubbers while cleaning, but this layer of filth doesn’t go off. For better results, try out these 3 smart ways.

Baking soda

You will require a large pot, some baking soda and of course your dirty drip pan. Place your huge pot over the gas stove filled with adequate water so as the drip pan is completely immersed in it. Now, put the baking soda in it and let the water boil. Put your pan in the boiling mixture and let it stay there for about 30 minutes. Clean it off with normal or warm water and use soap to remove excess remaining.

Plastic bag sauna

This is one simple trick where you are required to have a huge plastic bag, baking soda, and vinegar. Place the pan inside the bag and put ¼ cup of both vinegar and baking soda. Now shake them up and keep as it is for minimum five hours. If the pans are excessively dirty, then use ammonia in place of baking soda.

And the third alternative requires no efforts but just some bucks. If you can’t get over the filth through cleaning, just go and grab a new one, as easy as it could be!

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