Tips On Choosing The Right Weber Grill Covers For Your Grill

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Weber Grill Covers – Outdoor grilling is a popular American activity, so popular that grills are being used almost any day, throughout the year. Almost any household owns either a gas or a charcoal grill and some of the owners take this hobby seriously and want to be sure that they have one of the best units out there.

The bbq grill is in itself an investment and anyone wants to ensure their investment lives as much as possible. One of the first steps in protecting your grill is buying a grill cover.

Why Do You Need Grill Covers?

As stated above, if you want your grill to last as much as possible, you have to protect it from anything that would do it harm. Since the grill spends most of its time outside, it needs protection from nature’s elements. Even if you keep your grill indoors, in the garage, you would still want to protect it with a cover, to prevent spillage of harsh chemicals on the unit or any physical harm it may come.

There are three main reasons dangers to grills that sit in your backyard.

First, the elements of the weather are likely to generate corrosion within the unit, damaging it irrecoverably. A grill cover will act as a protective sheet that will prevent rain or snow from reaching to your grill.

Secondly, a grill cover will prevent unwanted critters to enter your unit and infect your cooking area. Rats will scrape at the area, thinking that is food, and that is where you will place your carefully prepared stake.

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Third, if you have grilling utensils, you most probably host them in your unit. They are as sensitive as your grill is to the elements, so a cover for the grill will provide them protection as well. Overall, a grill cover is important if you want to enjoy using your unit for a long time and in a safe manner.

Why Weber Grill Covers

There are many grill cover brands out there. Many promise great materials and great protection, but Weber is a manufacturer that specializes in outdoor grills and most certainly want their products to outlive their warranty. Actually, Weber is one of the biggest brand names in the world because they focus on premium materials and innovative technologies.

weber grill covers genesis II

Weber 7130 Genesis II CoverCheck price

However, let us look at some of the main reasons why Weber grill covers are the right idea.

All Weber grill covers feel like a premium grill cover- that is because of the impressive material that they use. The main material used is vinyl, which is waterproof and wind resistant, and resistant to any weather condition. It is sure nothing will get under it, to your unit.

Weber grill cover ensures extensive coverage, further protecting your unit from the dangers of corrosion. Some of the premium grills cover ensure protection even all the way down, to the legs of the unit.

They are easy to install- putting the cover on can be done by a single person and adjusting the drawstrings and the elastic sidebands ensure a tight fit to keep the cover on the unit even in extremely windy conditions.

weber grill cover

Weber 7149 Grill CoverCheck Price

The grill covers are available in many different varieties, to ensure coverage for any Weber model, be it Performer, Spirit and Summit series, or the Go-Anywhere Grills. Actually, even if you do not have a Weber grill unit, you can still protect your grill with one of the Weber grill covers, suitable for gas or charcoal grills, if you know your unit’s measurements.

How To Buy A Weber Grill Cover

It would be best if you would acquire your Weber Grill Cover when you acquire your grill, to ensure the best protection from the very beginning. If you do that, you might even be eligible for a discount at your local store.

As I stated above, even if your grill stays safely in your garage for the most part of its life, you should still consider buying a Weber grill cover, to protect it from other dangers that may damage your unit.

If you have already purchased your grill or you want to change your old grill cover, you will need to know the exact model number and a serial number of your grill and to match that to your cover. If you have a grill with a different brand name, you should know the exact measurements in order to do a successful purchase. Your Weber cover should fit nicely if you match those. However, wider cover models should also suffice, since they can tighten around the unit for a closer fit.

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In the end, a good quality grill cover is a minimal investment that will keep your unit protected for many years to come and ensure you will enjoy your favorite grills in a safe manner.

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