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Teflon vs. Ceramic Nonstick Cookware

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Teflon vs. Ceramic – Sometimes it is difficult to buy cookware because you can find various verities in the market. This makes it difficult to choose the right one that will meet your requirements. If you do not have enough experience of buying kitchen utensils, then you must consider various things before buying such utensils.

Thinking about a stick or nonstick cookware, then you will find stainless steel, Teflon and ceramic made pans and pots. These three materials are best suitable for making cookware but deliver slightly different results. Read the article below to understand Teflon vs. Ceramic basics.

Teflon vs. Ceramic – Things to Know

When buying nonstick cookware, first you need to decide which kind of nonstick coating on cookware you want. Some brands are very popular to many people about the coating material they are made of; on the other hand, some are less famous for their coating on pots or pans.

Most of the companies advertise much to sell their products but you should avoid such advertisements and consider the coating properties. Now, you can find various nonstick cookware such as ceramic and PTFE. PTFE is generally referred to the name Teflon i.e brand name. Both coating cookware is available in the market widely.

Ceramic Cookware

It is new coating material for cookware in the world of nonstick cookware. The ceramic made cookware is free of PFOA and PTFE. It is quite safe and environment-friendly as compared to the other cookware materials. It is available in the market in a wide style, variety, and colors.

Some of the people argue that ceramic pans or pots have a shorter life than Teflon. Actually, it is quite difficult to find out which one has greater life Span because it requires proper care to maintain the life of cookware. Also, the type of food, oil, cooking spray or other such materials affects the coating. Some of the acidic food items react with coating those effects on the lifespan of ceramic cookware.

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If you use oil for cooking, it makes it difficult to clean off the entire cooking oil after use. If you avoid complete cleaning of the coating surface, then the oil will build up and quickly decrease the nonstick properties of the pots and pans. On the other hand, if you scrub the coating surface vigorously to clean off the oil layer, it will be inevitable for the nonstick cookware surface. This will result in scratches on the surface and reduce the maintenance interval.

Most of the people suggest cooking without oil for health reasons. This will also be an advantage to your cooking pan or pots as well. If you cook food without oil, then you can easily clean the coating surface, and you can take vinegar that can help you to clean up easily.

The ceramic cookware is new technology, thus you can experience various advances in quality in some years. Manufacturing companies use more ceramic coating layer to get a thicker layer of it on the cookware. It is beneficial because the thicker ceramic layer has a greater lifespan. Also, improvement in ceramic cookware you can find in few years.

Teflon cookware

By the brand name, you can find PTFE i.e. the Teflon cookware in the market which is most famous nonstick material. Most of the people argue that it is more durable than ceramic and stainless steel materials. Also, it has a good lifespan and better safety properties.

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It’s important to know about the Teflon property before buying Teflon made utensils. If the Teflon is overheated, it releases toxic gases and can break down itself. Though, it releases toxic gases at high temperature that you need to heat it at 500ºF.

So, you can choose Teflon cookware because the temperature is not available on the kitchen stove. If you prefer oven for cooking and use Teflon, then keep the thing in mind, it can handle only 350 degrees F. If you have birds in your house, then you should avoid Teflon cookware because they are much more sensitive as compared to a human.


You need to follow some tips if you want roasting, baking or broiling with Teflon coating.

  • Maintain low to medium temperature when you are using Teflon coated cookware.
  • Do not try to heat an empty pan which is made of Teflon or coated with PTFE.
  • Pay close attention when you are cooking without liquid or oil.
  • The lightweight cookware made of Teflon required extra care because lightweight pans heat faster than heavier pans.
  • Do not leave Teflon cookware untapped.

Some of the Teflon cookware is manufactured with chemical compositions i.e. PFOA. If you are concerned about or looking for environmental friendly cookware, then you must avoid Teflon coating on cookware. On the other hand, you can use Teflon coated pan avoiding the PFOA.

The price range of cookware varies according to the quality. You can find a wide range of ceramic and Teflon cookware with the difference in price. The good news, you may also find both Teflon and ceramic coated pans and pots in the affordable price range. You pay more amounts and get the thicker layer or coating on the cookware which is beneficial and can be long-lasting.

Teflon vs. Ceramic – Final Words

Choosing between Teflon vs. Ceramic nonstick cookware can be challenging of buying of both for different applications. Most of the people get confused which coating material is best for cookware. So, we hope, by reading the content above, you will be able to choose between the two.

The cooking method, type of food you cook, and without oil cooking impact on the coated surface. If you are a beginner and learning cooking, then you must choose the cookware which is easy to clean. According to the cooking type, you can choose to wither ceramic, or Teflon coated cookware.

Many people recommend choosing the ceramic material layer on the cookware because it is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain as well. The ceramic cookware is toxic free; on the other hand, the Teflon releases toxic gases at high temperature.

Also, the Teflon material is harmful to birds and is not environmental friendly. Though, the Teflon layer is more durable than ceramic but includes some drawbacks. Whichever you choose, it is necessary to recognize that how you cook, clean and care about the cookware. With the above information, you understand how you can take care of such utensils.

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