Try Out The Tasty Paleo Soup Recipes And Stay Healthy

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Paleo Soup Recipes – Lots of health-conscious people are concerned about their everyday diet chart. Some of us also like to speak to the professional dieticians to create this chart. However, Paleo Diet is now a very common term for most of us. With the use of high-quality fresh ingredients, we can create this diet.

7 Best Paleo Soup Recipes

paleo soup recipes

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Whether it is a snack for the evening or a dinner menu, you may rely on the Paleo recipes. Lots of sports dietitians prefer Paleo recipes for the optimized performance in the world of sports. Now, for the soup lovers, we have made a list of Paleo soup recipes.

1. Creamy Curried Broccoli Soup

You can include it in your Paleo diet menu. The vegetables that you have to add in this soup are broccoli, onion, and cauliflower. Chicken broth is also essential for preparing the soup. You should also add milk and flour in this soup to get a thick fluid. Read more »

2. Pumpkin and Bacon Soup

The soup not only looks attractive but also presents you with a unique flavor. Heat up some butter and oil and then, cook some onion with salt. Add your bacon, and after a few minutes, you can put your pumpkin. Get a creamy texture from soft pumpkin, and then boil once more. The pumpkin will leave a velvety, smooth soup. Pour it in a bowl and serve it to anyone.

3. Noodle soup with Moroccan Spiced Chicken

It is also very easy to prepare within few minutes. You have to include avocado oil, Moroccan spice, coconut milk, chick broth, roast chick, pumpkin puree and onion. After preparing the soup with all the natural ingredients, you have to add squash noodles and chicken. That is why we named it as a noodle soup. Read more »

4. Thai Chicken Soup

It is another Paleo-friendly delicious soup. Cook your onion, garlic, fish sauce, chicken broth and coconut milk in vegetable oil. Soften the ingredients by covering the lid. You have to noodles and bell pepper to it. Heat them for three minutes. You may use lemon sap for better taste. Read more »

5. Tomato Basil and Beef

A simple broth of tomato basil is familiar to everyone. However, while you have added beef to it, you may get a distinctive taste. Read more »

6. Paleo Crockpot Jambalaya Soup

For those, who love spicy recipes, this hot soup is the best option. The chicken stock, chopped onions, bay leaves, cauliflower, Andouille sausage, diced chicken, shrimp, black pepper and garlic powder are the major ingredients for preparing the soup. Read more »

7. Celery Root Soup

You may have tasted celery root. It is really delectable while cooked with apples and potatoes. Then, you have to make its purée to form a soup. It is a creamy and healthy dish, although you won’t have to add cream to it. Read more »


In addition to the above recipes, you may also prepare several other dishes, which are Paleo friendly. Choose the ingredients rightly that benefit your health. Most of the Paleo soups are delicious, and you can include them in your everyday meal.

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