cod vs salmon

Cod Vs. Salmon - Fish is among the healthiest types of food out there due to the high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is highly indicated to have..

lamb vs mutton

Lamb, mutton, sheep... You will find pretty much the same type of meat in various stores under different names. What is the catch? Some names are popular in the Middle..

best turkey burger

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flounder taste

Flounder is one of the more than 540 species of flatfish belonging to the side-swimmer family. It has a funny appearance because one of the eyes moves to the other..

smoked chicken drumsticks

Making your own barbecue sauce is so easy and so delicious. Try this smoked chicken drumsticks recipe for your dinner, lunch or any mealtime. This drumstick recipe comes with its own homemade..

tri tip marinade

At many carveries in American buffets, you have probably seen Tri Tip Marinade offered.  It tends to taste crispier than other steaks – a bit smokier too. Of course, the..

ground chuck vs ground beef

Ground Chuck Vs. Ground Beef - Ground chuck is made from a single cut of beef, whereas ground beef comes from various cuts, like round, roasts, and different cuts of..

Chicken Tikka Masala

At the first sigh, butter chicken vs. chicken tikka masala looks like two the same meals and they come from India, right? Wrong! These are not the same meals and..

Angus Beef Vs. Regular Beef

Here we will try to discover are there some differences between Angus beef vs. regular beef. But, first, we will have to explain and to learn what the Angus beef..

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