gruyere cheese substitute

Gruyere Cheese Substitute Options - Gruyère is one of the premium Swiss cheeses with typical smaller and fewer holes than most other Swiss cheeses. It is known for its ability..

peanut oil substitute

Best Peanut Oil Substitute - Peanut oil makes a good choice in every kitchen because its smoke point is high. Simply put, it starts burning and smoking way later than..

best celery substitute

Best Celery Substitute - Like it or not, celery is one of the most common vegetables in a kitchen and can be used for a plethora of dishes. It's a..

queso fresco substitute - cheese

Best Queso Fresco Substitute - Extremely common in the Mexican cuisine, the queso fresco cheese has a unique flavor. It feels fresh, but it's also tangy and has a slight..

parsley substitute

Parsley Substitute Options - Just as any other herb, parsley has its own discrete flavor. Its mild and crisp peppery taste makes it ideal for a variety of dishes, including..

caster sugar vs. powdered sugar

Caster Sugar Vs. Powdered Sugar - Many of us are unaware of the difference between caster and powdered sugar. In fact, for many, there is supposedly no difference at all...

butterscotch vs. caramel - morsels

Butterscotch vs. caramel, are they the same? Most of the people are confused between butterscotch and caramel as they looked exactly same. The confusion comes especially if they're not properly..

cornmeal vs. corn flour

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smoked paprika substitute

Best Smoked Paprika Substitute - Smoked paprika is used in a series of dishes, but especially in the South American cuisine. Obtaining it is a long process that implies drying,..

kaffir lime leaves substitute

Finding a Kaffir lime leaves substitute is not impossible. It sounds like nothing else, so you probably imagine that you can't find any alternatives. Wrong! When cooking becomes your hobby, you inevitably..