banana vs plantain

You go to the market and see some fruits that look like bananas, only they are greener and larger. Your suspicions are right – those are not bananas, but plantains. Comparing banana..

pecans vs walnuts

Pecans Vs. Walnuts - From almond to macadamia to pistachio, nuts are amongst the most loved fruits. Most of these nuts are used in the culinary scene, both commercial and..

lemon vs lime

Why would someone look for lemon vs. lime if both are easily interchangeable? Well, the fact is that although they are interchangeable in some matters, both these fruits are unidentical...

shake vs malt

Shake vs. Malt - Have you ever been reading an article about traditional Soda Fountain drinks and wondered exactly what they mean by a milkshake and a malt? Even the old..

truvia vs splenda

Truvia vs. Splenda - What are Truvia and Splenda? Both are sugar replacements or sweeteners that are used for cooking and to sweeten your tea. Both are sold in small sachets..


Dates Vs. Figs - There are a lot of confusions about dates and figs, especially those who have not tried and tested these fruits. From a distance, both have almost..

latte vs. macchiato

The differences between Macchiato Vs. Latte - Coffee used to be extremely simple decades ago. It was pure coffee that you could mix with milk for a softer taste. These..

ceramic vs. stainless steel cookware

Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel Cookware - Most of the people do search online on what material to choose when they want to buy any cookware. In the market, there are..