substitutes for dry mustard

Substitutes for Dry Mustard

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What are the best substitutes for dry mustard?

Ground mustard or dry mustard is the most preferred recipe as many people love to add it to their daily intakes. It includes various health benefits thus you must add it to your diet plan.

Some Substitutes for Dry Mustard

In case there is no dry mustard available in your spice rack, you still can use other alternatives. Let’s know what other substitutes for dry mustard you can take.

Prepared mustard

If you want to add the dry mustard in your daily diet plan, and it is not listed in your recipe rack, then you should go for prepared mustard. The bottle used to prepared mustard should be kept in the refrigerator which is the best alternative for dry mustard. Slightly difference you can see between regular prepared mustard and dry mustard, but you need to have a little adjustment. Buy the regular mustard bottle and keep it in a refrigerator.

Replace teaspoon of ground or dry mustard with one tablespoon of prepared mustard. Omit enough amount of teaspoon of liquid from your recipe to balance the extra liquid in the alternative. Yellow mustard is the best option for you though most recipes will turn with common mustard such as spicy brown or Dijon. Note, you should add the substitute of dry mustard with right flavor.

Mustard seed

If you have the coffee grinder or the mustard seed, then you can make your own mustard. The ground or dry mustard is made of mustard seeds which are available. If you have one bottle of a mustard seed, then grind it using the coffee grinder. If you have yellow mustard seeds, then you should prefer it grind them.

On the other hand, brown master seeds are slightly spicy, but the black mustard seeds are spicier than others. If you have brown or black mustard seeds, then you should add or grind fewer amounts. If you love spicy food, then you can take enough amounts that meet your demand.

More Dry Mustard Alternatives

If you do not have dry mustard, mustard seeds or regular prepared mustard then you can select some other substitutes such as:

Wasabi powder: before adding such alternative, know whether it is more spicy or less. It is basically spicier than dry mustard thus you should add half as much you take. Test the recipe once you add.

Turmeric: it is also best substitute for mustard as everyone knows

Horseradish powder: if the dry mustard is not available on your kitchen’s rack, then you can choose the horseradish powder to make your food spicy. Test the food before eating and take if you need some powder more. Do not forget the horseradish powder is spicier than dry mustard, so add according to your need.

These substitutes for dry mustard may not fit for some food items so be sure before adding such substitutes. If the alternative you have chosen is not compatible, add least or enough amount. On the other hand, you can choose some other options if you do not have dry mustard.

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