Stromboli vs. Calzone – Almost the Same but Entirely Different

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There are a lot of misunderstandings and questions circulating regarding Stromboli vs. calzone, and how they are distinguished from one another. Both are stuffed with meat and pasta and both are inspired from pizza pie.

Stromboli vs. Calzone

While most people think that they are the same, this notion is wrong as they are different. Below is the information regarding Stromboli vs. calzone.



The origins of Stromboli are unclear as there are a lot of claims regarding it. However, Romano’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Essington, Pennsylvania, claims to have created Stromboli in 1950. Nazzareno Romano, the owner, said that he wanted to create something fresh to add in his menu which led to the creation of this dish. It is believed that the name is based from the Italian film entitled, Stromboli.


Stromboli is all about layers and is made by rolling up bread dough with meat and/or vegetables and cheese ingredients. It basically appears like a long cylinder. Tomato sauce is also optional in Stromboli, unlike calzone. You can be flexible with the ingredients you fill inside, and you have to roll it with the stuffing before baking it. What goes in with each layer needs precision.



Calzone originated in Naples, Italy, still inspired from pizza pie. Originally, it is known as calzoni, which means “pants legs.” This refers to the idea that people can walk around while eating this form of pizza (calzone) without the need for utensils.


Unlike Stromboli, calzone appears like a crescent/half moon with all the fillings inside, and it always requires tomato sauce. The bread or pizza dough should be formed into a crescent with the added stuffing inside while baking. You can fill it with meats, cheese, vegetables, egg, and tomato sauce.


Both Stromboli and calzone now have plenty of variations, especially due to its popularity. In all honesty, both are almost the same and are different mostly in appearance and ingredients. For instance, calzone always requires tomato sauce while Stromboli doesn’t. Also, the toppings in Stromboli can be flexible almost like a pizza. So, for Stromboli vs. calzone, which of the two do you like best?