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Soluble Corn Fiber: Benefits and Effects of High Fiber Diets

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Soluble corn fiber is a type of dietary fiber which is hard to digest. It is found in corn and a range of health or processed food. It is an extremely good source of isolated fiber and contains rich positive health advantages related to it if it is increasingly consumed.

Most of us perhaps have no clue about soluble corn fiber and its benefits. Let’s get to know this kind of fiber in a more detailed manner so that you understand why we should consume foods that contain it.

Definition and Background

What is soluble corn fiber? Soluble corn fiber is a type of indigestible dietary fiber. It is found in corn and a number of healthy or prepared food as well as baked foods, cereals, candy, carbonated beverages, dairy products, flavored water, frozen foods, fruit drinks, meal replacement drinks, salad dressings, and soup.

Soluble corn fiber has been used in foods and beverages throughout three big continents such as Southeast Asia, America, and Europe since 2007 it has been obtainable on the US market. Soluble corn fiber is made from corn over enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch. This type of dietary fiber is water solvable, exceptionally stable to heat, PH, and processing stresses and has low thickness.

Health Benefits

Soluble fiber, dietary fiber or isolated fiber has great numbers of benefits to our body health. It eases to clean the digestive tract out, improve the weight of fecal and produces advantageous enzymes as it will moderately ferment in the stomach. Consuming high isolated fiber helps maintain your digestive health, reducing constipation, and even lessen the risk of colon cancer.

Dieting high in soluble corn fiber has a positive influence on your levels of blood glucose. Unlike when you consume digestible fiber or refined foods that can increase your blood sugar levels, soluble corn fiber meets the demand for a lower sugar. So dieting soluble corn fiber is a great approach to keep up a more constant blood sugar level. It is beneficial as well for consumer packaged food products which contain lower sugar content while giving a great source of isolated fiber.

Soluble corn fiber is rich in short-chain fatty acids which is great for you who are trying to lose or keep your weight as fatty acids help you feel full for a longer time. As it doesn’t contribute in spiking in blood sugar, eating high soluble corn fiber prevent you from gaining weight. This kind of dietary fiber is even able to help trim down body fat.

It can keep your digestive tract healthier as high fiber foods help take toxins out of your system. Moreover, current research says that soluble corn fiber can also lessen the risk of bone demineralization as it helps the absorption of increased calcium. It will be very helpful for everyone, particularly women, as they tend to suffer from that problem as they age.

Where to Find Soluble Corn Fiber

Where can we find soluble corn fiber? This indigestible dietary fiber can be found not only in corn but also in a variety of processed foods we meet every day such as cereals, carbonated beverages, baked goods, dairy products, flavored water, a lot number of frozen foods, meal replacement drinks, and protein bars.

Soluble corn fiber can also be found in the form of powdered nutritional supplements that you can find in a number of supplement stores.

Daily Intake Recommendation

The recommended consumption of dietary fiber in the US is 14g/1,000kcal. It means a daily intake of 38g for males and 25g for females, for an average adult. However, according to a research, most of Americans only eat about half of the suggested consumption. It is a shortage diet that is called fiber gap.

Closing the fiber gap without eating rich fiber foods means extensively increasing calorie consumption. If you want to reach the recommended fiber intake without consuming rich fiber foods, those American people have to raise their intake of calorie by more than 500 calories for each day.

But if you have reached your fiber requirements you don’t need to add calories as you have consumed fiber-enriched foods. So, in other words, rich fiber foods help join the fiber gap while carrying outstanding taste and extra benefits on your metabolism. But you must remember that you should have a combination of wide range of fiber types for overall diet.

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The Effects of Increased Fiber Consumption

Although an increased intake of indigestible fiber has a number of advantages you need to be aware that your body needs time to get used to an intense change in diet.

A lot of people go through mild to moderate abdominal upset after they increase the quantity of fiber in their diet. It’s an unpleasant feeling, isn’t it? But you don’t need to worry, the negative effects of a dietary change will only last a few days to a couple of weeks. After a few days or weeks, your body adjusts to the switch in diet and your stomach will no longer be bothered by the additional fiber.

Furthermore, unlike the other forms of isolated fiber, soluble corn fiber is pretty easier on the belly as well as for the body to adjust to. No matter the goal you want to get whether it is weight loss or a healthier lifestyle, increasing your consumption of soluble or isolated fiber is the best way to achieve it.

Bottom Line

To sum up, high fiber foods such as soluble corn fiber have been revealed to help lessen the risk of some major health issues including heart disease. Fiber-enriched diets will also battle obesity and make a healthy diet far easier to do.

Well, no matter what type of diets you go through to maintain your health, it has never been easier to do. But trying to implement this high fiber diets is strongly recommended as it is easy to do and does not cost a lot of money. Get the countless benefits from high fiber diets by increasing the intake of soluble corn fiber.

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