Soft Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

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Looking for the soft gingerbread cookie recipe? Then you are on the right page. These gingerbread cookies are delicious and fun to make.

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Gingerbread cookies that's exactly what we're gonna make today. Gingerbread cookies warm and spiced and doughy and chewy gingerbread cookies. They are so easy to make.

Mixing Dough

We're gonna start off by creaming together some butter which is softened down ever so slightly and we're going to cream it together with a combination of sugars. I've got some granulated sugar and a little bit of dark brown sugar so straight on with the mixer. Let's get this, mix light and fluffy the brilliant thing about these cookies is the minute you get them in the oven they start wafting that beautiful Christmas smell.

We're in business now, so to this mixture we're going to add 1 large free-range egg so get that straight in there. We're also going to give it a bit of a depth of sweetness from some treacle and if you can't get treacle which I know not everyone can. You can use blackstrap molasses I think that's what it's called black molasses essentially a good tip.

If you're taking this out of the jar is to use a spoon with a little bit of oil on it. It'll ensure that you won't be left in the sticky mess. I'm in right now I get rid of this. Now I'm going to leave him here, gonna mix this off.

Adding Flavors

Okay, we have a nicely mixed dough at this point. Now we need to talk about flavors and spices for soft gingerbread cookie recipe. We're going to get in there with the dry ingredients but first things. First, we're going to add a tiny touch of vanilla extract. We're also going to go in there with a heaped teaspoon of ground ginger just like this. I like mine to be quite gingery but you can pull back if you don't want too much of that flavor. We're also gonna add a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda or bread soda or baking soda whatever way you call it in your country.

Now we're going to give this a little mix through just to completely combine it. Okay nicely mix through and now it's time to get rid of your little what are these things called mixer speakers get rid of your beaters tap off any excess and now it's time to fold through our flour a little pinch of salt and some stem ginger for some flavor. I like a little bit of salt in there because it's the contrast between the sweetness and all that lovely saltiness.

So flour next, dump your flour straight in there. We're gonna fold this through until we have a nice cookie dough batter for a little bit of extra flavor. Now you don't have to use this if you can't get your hands on this but stem ginger it has this lovely little sweet sort of fiery flavor. If you get little chunks of this in your biscuits. It is truly special this is coming together beautifully.


Now I have my beautiful soft gingerbread cookie recipe dough. This is not your typical gingerbread dough because this one results in a beautiful chewy interior. Normally gingerbread is quite crisp and thin. This one is all about thickness and chewiness so this goes to rest in the fridge. I have one that has been rested and that's ready to go. It needs to rest in the fridge just so it has time for all that gluten in the flour to relax a little bit. That cooling process in the fridge also helps that.


Your cookies don't spread too much when they hit the heat in the oven. So grab up a baking tray lined with some parchment paper. Now it's just a case of taking up vanilla teaspoons amount of the dough rolling it in your hands like this take that little ball. Roll it in some granulated sugar and then once it is nicely coated like this. Place it on your baking tray and then just press it down so slightly with your phone. Now I'm going to repeat with the remaining dough.

Okay, my last little dough ball is ready to go. I've pressed it down this narrow goes into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, that's 180 degrees Celsius. They're going to cook for about 8 minutes. They will spread ever so slightly but you're looking for a nice little bit of crackle effect. You're also looking for a nice firm exterior right over time.

My cookies have cooled they've come out of the oven they are ready to go. Now could be eaten just as they are they've got a lovely finish on them. That lovely granulated sugar has given them a nice kind of rock crust on the outside. Now I'm actually going to go the extra mile. It is Christmas, we're gonna give these a nice gingerbread filling.


To do that I have some softened butter and some icing sugar. This essentially is a very simple filling to make. I'm gonna add a tiny touch of ginger I don't know if this oh it does fit. I thought the spoon wasn't gonna fit so we're going to go about a half a teaspoon of ground ginger in here.

Beat this off until you have a nice smooth mixture. Okay, we are in business. I now have a nice smooth filling so I'm gonna get rid of the beaters we're gonna get them in the sink and now it is time to bring this together. To do that we're going to use a spatula to scrape down the side.

Essentially you're gonna want about a teaspoon's amount to spread on the interior filling of all the biscuits. So take one up to give it a good spread with the filling you want to. Be too generous here because you don't want it to squeeze exercise. Just enough to bring it together and then choose one that's kind of similar size.

Which is chewy moist oh so delicious with all that spice in there. So now it is just a case of doing exactly the same with the remaining cookies. All my cookies filled and now I get to taste one tastes like Christmas.


You've got all that spice in there and it's that wonderful chewiness that you get from only these gingerbread cookies. It's not like those crisp gingerbread you've ever had before. This is a chewy beautiful soft gingerbread cookie recipe that has that great filling in there as well.

So if you're looking for these brilliant soft gingerbread cookie recipe you'll find them in the box below over on my website. Make sure to like this video comment beneath letting me know if you're gonna try the cookies. Subscribe to this channel for lots more delicious baking recipes just like this one. Until then my friends happy baking and I'll see you soon.

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