Side Dishes for Lasagna Apart from Salads to Try

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Side Dishes for Lasagna – A globally pleasing combination of pasta, veggies, spicy red or creamy white sauce, and melted cheese is nothing lasagna. It is easy to make the desired changes to it for gratifying almost every taste bud. Thus, it is a good Italian main course for a dinner with family and invited guests.

While it seems to be a complete meal, a side dish with it can make it more impressive. When it comes to side dishes for lasagna, most of us go with a garlic bread or a green salad. Although you never go wrong with them, they are likely to trigger a boredom, as they are the most typical and common options.

side dishes for lasagna

Some Ideal Side Dishes for Lasagna

Well, the good news is that there are some creative options to consider as side dishes for this Italian dish. Most of them tend to complement even the main course of pasta. Here are a few unique side dishes for lasagna to consider.

1. Antipasto

Consider this option if you desire to serve a truly extended side dish for an exclusive family-style feast. Antipasto is a platter of cheeses, olives, and marinated vegetables such as roasted red peppers and artichokes.

You can even get it readymade from a gourmet shop in case there is shortage of preparation time. This is the option to consider if there are many people to feed.

2. Caprese

Caprese is considered much as a salad but it is something different to try in terms of taste. It is a mix of basil, sliced mozzarella cheese as well as tomatoes, balsamic glaze, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

3. Stuffed Peppers or Tomatoes

Go for this side dish if you really need something simple yet creative. Both tomatoes and bell peppers are easy as well as quick to stuff and are light to eat. Further, the look of red and green colors adds a creative touch and reestablish the Italian feel.

Creativity within you can come out by choosing a unique stuffing mix. For instance, you can fill the tomato or pepper with a mix of oregano, bread crumbs, olive oil, and minced cabbage. Then, simply bake until it becomes a bit floppy.

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You can try out different other stuffing recipes as per your taste. For example, you can try a mix of jalapenos and pepper and sprinkle it on the stuffed tomatoes.

4. Mixed Veggies

A side dish of exotic and crisp veggies can finely complement lasagna. If you love vegetables, consider creating a platter of well-seasoned cooked vegetables. This is a light side dish but gives a substantial feel.

You can consider mixing zucchini, beet, and squash with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and then roast them until you get that crunchy sound in your mouth while tasting. You can even consider a sauté. Here, you can mix spinach, asparagus, and cucumber. If you are health conscious and prefer a raw side dish, consider mixing carrots, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli and tossing using an Italian dressing.


It is recommended to choose flavorful but light options to balance the heavy and cheesy lasagna so that each one is gratified, and not overfull. Choosing one of the above side dishes for lasagna seems to fulfill this recommendation!

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