Shun Vs. Wusthof: The Best Chef’s Knife

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Shun vs. Wusthof comparisons are as old as the brands themselves. In essence, they make some of the best and the most desirable knives. But they are far from the same, so there are obvious differences. We will try to include all of them in the comparison below.

Shun Premier

This is a Japanese knife that comes made out of Damascus steel. It has hardcore and soft coating, therefore it is appealing and easy to use. Of course, it is incredibly strong and it comes ready to meet all your demands.

chefs knife shun vs. wusthof

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We personally believe that this model is designed for more delicate operations, meaning that it isn’t suitable for hard-core use. Of course, we should add that it comes with the impressive look of the blade, which may remind you of ancient swords.

The surface of the blade is epic. It has been made to trap the air while cutting, allowing you to use it for more accurate, thinner slices. Of course, this also means that the food will get trapped on the blade, which may be an issue for some of you.

Bolsters, as you can see are high-quality units and they can withstand almost anything. Of course, they are also lightweight, simply because the blade itself shares the same passion.

Now we must explain the handle. It is better in the case of Shun and simply because it fits your hand perfectly or better than another knife has. It is reasonably ergonomic and easy to use. We can add the fact that the handle is perfect and most of you will have a great time using this knife.

We already have mentioned that the type of steel used is Damascus 16. It is a bit more fragile than the second type we will explain here, but it is extremely easy to maintain. This can be another advantage if you know how to use a knife slowly and easily. But, if you are hard on it, you may easily damage it.

Wusthof Classic

As the title suggests, the knife is impressive and well-made. It offers some advantages. The first thing we will mention is the blade, which is slim and smooth. It allows for you to cut through almost anything and it is very strong. The knife itself is bigger and heavier than in the first case scenario. This makes it more appealing of heavy-duty use and for more demanding operations.

shun vs. wushtof knife

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Then we have the bolsters. They are massive and much bigger than the first knife here has. Of course, they also make the handle heavier, but at the end, this is a heavier knife. Keep that in your mind before you make a choice.

Then we have the handle. By now you should know that the handle is bigger and heavier. It is also reasonably ergonomic and easy to use. We must add that the handle is optimized for use in Western restaurants. As such, it is simple and bulky and it comes with a blade guard. At the end, it comes to your personal preference and it is up to you to decide which handle is better for you. In addition, the handle is made to follow the rest of the knife. As such, it is bigger and heavier than Shun Premier has.

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The steel is carbon steel. There are some advantages and cons. The first one is sharpness and strength. Overall, this type of steel is the best when it comes to cutting capabilities. On the other hand, the steel is extremely difficult to maintain and this is the biggest issue with it.

Shun vs. Wusthof – Conclusion

Shun vs. Wusthof comparison is more than just complicated to define. These are very different knives. As such, the Shun Premier is lighter and more appealing for accurate and delicate cuttings. It is a very lightweight knife and it is superb for the mentioned use.

On the other hand, we have Wusthof Classic. The knife is bigger, heavier and made from a different type of steel. It is more appealing for heavy-duty applications. Ideally, you would have both of these knives in your kitchen. When properly paired, they can be used for anything and they will meet all your requirements.

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