Shun Vs. Miyabi Knife: Which Model You Actually Need?

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Here we will compare the Shun vs. Miyabi knives. In the lack of a better word, both of them are high-end and desirable models. Of course, there are a lot of differences and the facts you will have to know. All of this should help you make a rich decision and purchase a knife that will meet your requirements perfectly.

Miyabi Chef’s knife

This is the first knife on our list and it is definitely something to consider. Let’s start with the type of steel. It is G2, micro-carbide steel which is extremely tough and durable. This makes us believe that the knife itself is made to last and to meet the highest demands chefs may have.

shun vs. miyabi chef knife

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This knife comes also with an authentic Japanese blade, therefore it offers all the advantages Japanese knives have. Furthermore, the blade is made using the Honbazuke technique and it is slightly curved.

We tested the 8-inch unit, but there are two more available on the market, 7 and 9 inches. It is up to you to decide which size you actually need and which one you will want. In essence, all three versions are made using the same technique and they share the same advantages.

The handle is a masterpiece and you will definitely love it. It is comfortable, yet simple, so it fits in your hand perfectly, it will provide a maximum comfort and it will be able to meet the highest desires. It even looks impressive and it follows the shape and the style of the knife.

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At the end, all we can say is that this knife is designed and made by professionals for professionals. It has an impressive blade, an even better handle and it is a real pleasure being able to use it.

Shun Chef’s knife

This is a slightly different knife available on the market right now. It is very advanced and sophisticated. The main element is obviously the blade. It is made of Damascus steel and it has been coated with a special compound. The end result is impressive and you will get a strong and efficient blade. We said efficient due to the fact it reduces drag while cutting. This is possible thanks to the Tsuchime technique which means that the blade has been hand hammered.

chefs knife shun vs. miyabi

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In a nutshell, the knife in question is desirable for cutting and chopping. It isn’t one of the heaviest, nor the lightest models out there, but it is still a great choice if you are looking for a versatile knife. Keep in mind that this knife isn’t a heavy-duty model, so it should be used for accurate cuttings.

The handle is made out of pakkawood and it is ergonomic. It fits the hand perfectly and it is a real pleasure being able to use this blade for a longer period of time. It even looks nice and makes the entire knife look more expensive than it actually is.

The size is available in two sizes. The tested model has 8 inches but a 6-inch version is available as well. We should point out that both versions are made using the same techniques and have the same quality. We still preferred the bigger version, just because it is more effective and it can meet more demanding operations.

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As you may believe, this is a dishwasher-safe knife so you can wash it in a dishwasher, obviously. It is relatively easy to clean, but the blade may catch some foods while using, due to its rough design. Nevertheless, the knife can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, so this isn’t a big issue.

Shun Vs. Miyabi Knife – The Final Word

As you can see, the Shun vs. Miyabi comparison is simple. After all, both of these knives are high-quality units and both of them should be used by those who want the best. But, there are some major differences though.

The Miyabi Chef’s knife is more suitable for massive and demanding cuttings, while the Shun knife is accurate and ideal for precision cuttings. Of course, both types have high-end blades and handles and both of them are designed by professionals. It is up to you to choose the one which matches your requirements.

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