What Does Salmon Taste Like

What Does Salmon Taste Like?

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Everything You Need To Know Before Tasting Salmon – What Does Salmon Taste Like?

When it comes to fish, most people stick to the basic tuna. It’s common, inexpensive and rich in nutrients. But over the past years, salmon has gained more popularity in the western culture due to its healthy benefits and unusual taste. If you’ve never had salmon before, you probably ask yourself – what does salmon taste like?

The truth is that fish and seafood are often seen with skepticism, especially in terms of tasting new things. Their smell is not too friendly, causing a lot of discomfort. For this reason, most people refuse to try out new types of fish. However, if you have no idea what salmon tastes like, chances are you’re missing a lot!

There are more species of salmon and the interesting part is that each of them tastes differently.

What type of fish is salmon?

Salmon is categorized as a saltwater fish. It’s found in many parts of the world and can be often spotted in the tidal mouths of rivers. You can spot salmon wherever tides meet the stream. It travels to freshwater every once in a while for reproduction though, so it’s quite versatile. The same rule applies in cooking it, since you can do it in a multitude of different ways.

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What does salmon taste like?

To make it easy – not like fish! You either love or hate fish. With salmon, there’s a different story. Some people hate the smell and aroma of fish, yet they eat salmon. What’s the secret? According to them, salmon is different from other fish. It’s hard to describe it because it’s unique, but most people would agree that it tastes like an unusually flavored meat that just came out of the sea. The taste is quite refreshing, yet it depends on the recipe.

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Types of salmon

The Chinook salmon is extremely fat and usually found around Alaska and California. It’s quite large and heavy. On the other hand, the Coho salmon is also referred to as silver salmon. Its aroma is rich and distinctive, while the meat has a firm texture. It’s among the most popular varieties out there. Pink salmon is just as popular, despite its small size. It barely weighs five pounds, yet its abundant, hence its popularity.

If you’re up for a fat and intense taste, the leaper salmon is what you should look for. The same goes for the sockeye salmon – one of the fattiest types out there. Its color is unique – a mixture of orange and red. Finally, the chum salmon is more common in the Pacific area. Its taste is not so rich though, but still distinctive.

In commerce, most companies don’t mention what type of salmon they use, so it’s hard to figure the taste upfront. So, what does salmon taste like? Hard to tell. Try out a few different brands and species and always get ready to be surprised. Keep in mind that the way it’s cooked has a massive impact over the taste too. The best part? You’re free to experiment and your options are countless.

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