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This easy and quick salmon Caesar Salad is tasty, colorful, and healthy.

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Video Title: Grilled SALMON CAESAR SALAD | Bart van Olphen

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Hi, fishy friends well coming out of fishy Friday here at Bart Fish Tales. Today really excited as I am in Northern Ireland. We took a causeway coastal road from Belfast to this spot and it's a beautiful spot in Glen's arm. There you see this beautiful organic salmon farm and with that salmon. We're going to make a salmon Caesar salad.

Making Salad Dressing

So we first start with the famous Caesar dressing. So I'm taking two anchovies fillet's beautifully make sure you buy MSC-certified from a good brand. I'm gonna chop it finely and I add this to my pestle and mortar. Next one is a garlic clove and chopped till it's fine. Add it to the same bowl and I'm going to crush it.

So meanwhile I'm doing this I am heating up a pan of water where I'm going to poach my eggs later on. So I grate like 15 grams of parmesan cheese, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Add some lemon juice maybe half a lemon. So I separate one egg and I'm going to use the egg yolk together with the mixture.

So now I make a smooth paste well all these beautiful flavors are combining really really nice. If you're at home you can use like kitchen blender port is over in a bigger bowl and I'm going to use a whisk. I'm going to use some sunflower oil to make the dressing.

So what you're looking for is like a firm structure but it should be dressing that should be smooth. This is great a bit of extra lemon juice. When you make dressings or sauces you give it a taste perfect. Okay so now we move on to the salmon.

Processing Salmon Meat

I'm going to heat up my grill I bring it to piping hot. I'm not going to add any oil I'm going to dry roast this salmon. The only thing I'm doing is just adding a bit of pepper and salt to season it. So we're going to roast to grill the salmon place it on top of it.

So important now is you're not moving the settlement. You just leave it there you will see that the color will be a bit more becoming opaque when it's well nicely cooking. I'm going to give it a turn of 90 degrees because I want to have these beautiful squared grill marks.

Just have a little bit of oil to come because on the decision the skin side. I just add a bit of oil because I'm going to turn it around right now okay there we go.  This is okay this is really good because you want to have this roasted taste okay take it up look at this beautiful.

Bring back the water I have a small little bowl here which will help me a bit easier. I'm going to slice this Salmon in nice little pieces so my water is like on 90 degrees Celsius which is just below the boiling point. Now whisk it in a circle and I make sure that in the middle that well. We will create like a small little hole where this beautiful egg will fit in. So while the egg is poaching I'm going to prep the salmon caesar salad.

Preparing Salmon Caesar Salad

So I've got a bowl here I've got some beautiful baby row man take off the end part and add the leaves of the salad. Now I add a bit of the dressing nice and I give it a toss. So I'm not adding any salt because it's already anchovies and Parmesan cheese but I add some pepper.

Next thing I'm adding because I love that with salmon it's a few chopped anchovies and I'm going to place it up lettuce I've got here. I'm adding like three anchovies for adding the beautiful pieces of roasted salmon. Nice cuts of farmers and cheese thinly sliced.

So now adding just a little bit more of the dressing and drop it over. A nice bit of extra pepper and two fish and finish it up. I add the poached egg on top of it just give it a small.  Look at this a beautiful beautiful salad.

So I have a taste it's a beautiful salmon with a piece of the egg and a dressing some parmesan. It's great it's the taste of this organic salmon it's crispy the skin is crispy. The inside is tender and juicy really nice it combines wonderfully with the salty Caesar dressing. Because of the Parmesan cheese, we have two poached running egg over it. It's simply delicious.

Thank you northern islands for having me. So if you have any comments any questions leave them down in the box below. If you like this video give it your thumbs up and hope to see you soon on another fishy Friday bye-bye.

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