Saag Paneer Vs. Palak Paneer: All The Differences Between Them

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Saag paneer vs. palak paneer comparison is actually more complicated than some of you may believe. First of all, both of these foods are curries and both come from India. The main ingredients are turmeric, greens, onions, and ginger. But, there is one major difference. A specific type of saag is known as palak. And yes, there are a lot of additional differences.

Saag Paneer Vs. Palak Paneer – Major differences

Saag refers to all curries which are made of greens. They may include fenugreek, mustard greens, and spinach. However, palak means spinach, so in this curry, adult spinach leaves are the main ingredient.

Saag paneer vs. palak paneer

Saag Paneer – Photo Credit: Jeff Waren via Wikimedia

There are differences regarding other ingredients as well. Saag is rich in garlic, ginger and other spices which make garam masala. On the other hand, palak doesn’t use garlic, which is the main difference when it comes solely to the aroma. It relies mostly on coriander, so the aroma is quite different. We must add the fact that there are semi-important differences here as well. They will depend on the chef, on the family tradition and individual preference. After all, there are so many sub-types of these two curries.

palak paneer vs saag paneer

Palak Paneer – Photo Credit: Akash128 via Wikimedia

One of the main differences in the saag paneer vs. palak paneer comparison is based on the dairy use. Saag uses cream and it is known to have a bit more appealing texture. Palak doesn’t use cream, it uses yogurt, so the texture is very different. It is known that some chefs will add cream at the end of the preparation process in order to make the palak more appealing and easier to serve. This also affects the taste, so we can say that saag has a more traditional taste, while palak is known for a more modern flavor.

Palak paneer is a special sub-type of this curry. It is known for paneer, which is an Indian cheese. This cheese is made from cream and lemon juice, so it has a strong and desirable taste. In India, it is common to get saag curries serves alongside paneer cheese and it is a very delicious meal.

The final word

Saag paneer vs. palak paneer comparison is more than just simple at the end. All we can say is that palak is a type of saag and palak paneer is actually palak served with a cheese. Maybe it sounds confusing, but once you have tried these two meals, you will be able to tell the difference and you will remember each taste separately.

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