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Looking For A Rosemary Substitute? Discover The Best Alternatives!

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Rosemary Substitute – Native to the Mediterranean and often known as the dew of the sea, rosemary is currently used in thousands of recipes in pretty much any cuisine out there – and with a good reason. Its nutritional values are outstanding, but then, most people use it for its actual taste and aroma. It has a distinct flavor that can easily improve any dish – from basic soups and salads to more sophisticated roasts and stews.

Rosemary Substitute – The Most Popular Alternatives

Although rosemary can be found pretty much everywhere, there are situations when you simply don’t have it around. Whether you finished it or you’re not in the mood to go shopping just for rosemary, you can easily adapt and find a rosemary substitute around your kitchen. So, what are the most popular alternatives to rosemary?

1. Thyme

Known as a minty herb, thyme is by far the most popular rosemary substitute out there. They look almost identical – a dark, warm appearance. There are, however, some distinctions too. Rosemary has a strong aroma and can’t be overlooked. Thyme, on the other hand, is subtle and can go with any flavor. In other words, thyme makes a good alternative to other herbs too.

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Just like rosemary, thyme is easy to find in most grocery stores. Some people might choose to grow it in a pot and have it fresh whenever they need it. It’s most commonly used with stews, chilly dishes, and soups.

2. Tarragon

Tarragon is available in more forms. The French tarragon is the only one that you can use when cooking though. Its aroma is intense and distinctive. Therefore, it becomes the best rosemary substitute if your dish misses that special something to make it tasty. Tarragon has become a popular herb in the French cuisine, but its popularity has spread all over the world.

Be careful what you want to cook though since fresh tarragon is not so useful for fish or meat. Opt for the dried alternative instead.

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3. Savory

Some chefs might agree that savory is not necessarily the best rosemary substitute, but it depends which forms you use. The winter and summer savory are ideal and can go with most deals. Winter savory is similar to rosemary due to its slight bitterness. On the other hand, summer savory works better with pork and other similar dishes. Unless you buy savory from a specialized shop, chances are you can’t tell the difference between the winter and summer forms, so just get the general herb.

4. Sage

Finally, sage is worth some consideration too. Part of the mint family, sage also originates from the Mediterranean. It’s similar to rosemary in terms of aromas, yet it’s better to use it as a substitute when you cook poultry, fish or seafood.

Other common choices for a rosemary substitute include:

  • Caraway plant.
  • Majoram.
  • Bay leaves.

In conclusion, this list should give you some valuable hints when in need of rosemary. Just like for most spices and herbs out there, rosemary has a few viable alternatives that can perfectly mimic its flavor and aroma.

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