Roe Vs. Caviar: What’s The Difference?

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Roe vs. caviar comparison is as old as the caviar itself. After all, a bit of these foods refer to fish and eggs and both of them are delicious. They may even look similar so telling the difference isn’t actually possible. There are some restaurants that offer fish roe as a caviar itself, but this is just wrong. No, these foods are not the same and there are a lot of differences.

Fish Roe: Basics

Fish roe comes from female fish and it is more affordable than caviar. Furthermore, it is the main ingredient in some diets, like Paleo diet, due to the fact fish roe is rich in nutrients, vitamin D, and omega fatty acids. Fish roe comes available in many different textures, with different flavors and it is very popular nowadays. The flavors of fish roe are something special. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular nowadays and why the demand for it is high.

fish roe vs. caviar

The color of the fish roe will vary, but at the end of a day it usually comes in an orange hue and the eggs have a strong skin, so they won’t ‘’pop-up’’ easily when you press them with your tongue. They are also larger than caviar eggs. In addition, because fish roe is made from different fish species, a manufacturer must identify them and present to the consumers. This rule applies in the United States.

Caviar: Basics

Caviar is made from sturgeon fish and it is usually dark in color, probably even black. It has soft membranes that protect the eggs and they will pop up as soon as you press them. The taste is strong and salty. Caviar is traditionally made using a technique called Malossol which included adding a small amount of salt and several other, a bit special elements.

What Does Caviar Taste Like

Caviar is served in top end restaurants all over the world and it is known for the taste it leaves once the eggs touch your tongue. The sweet and strong taste are the main differences why this food is so expensive and so special. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ‘’copies’’ of caviar which is made from different fish, but it is just a poor substitute and it shouldn’t be on your list of great meals.

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It may be difficult to find a delicious or real caviar in your local city, so make sure to look for those stores or locations with the highest number of positive comments. After all, there are a lot of sellers who are just looking for a quick profit.

Roe Vs. Caviar – Conclusion

Roe vs. caviar differences can be seen in the size, shape, and color. Fish roe is bigger, orange in color and less tasteful, while caviar is gray or black, small eggs are present and it will melt in your mouth. In addition, caviar releases teat feel of the ocean as soon as it touches the tongue. The next time you are an elite restaurant, you will know to make a difference between these two foods.

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