Review of The High-Quality and Best Almond Butter

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Best almond butter products – Butter is the most chosen ingredient to add taste to our favorite smoothies, snacks and bread slices. Especially, the nut butter has gained more values among lots of foodies. However, few nuts, like the peanuts, do not cause the desired positive effect on your body.

Best Almond Butter – Our Top Picks

We have seen that most of the health-conscious consumers favor almond butter for their everyday use. Aromatic, silky and slight sweetness – these are the major winning traits of almond butter. The reputed brands use no filler or additive in this butter. If you are trying to store a butter jar on your kitchen shelves, you may have at our best almost butter reviews.

#1. Barney Butter Almond Butter, Bare Smooth

best almond butter

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You can get 16 Ounce of product in this best almond butter package.

Amazing flavor

The presence of fresh almonds in the butter has really created a good flavor. The manufacturer has roasted these nuts and then ground them to produce this tang in the butter.

Systematically created

Barney Butter manufacturers have removed the nut skin fully in order to create a very creamy and smooth texture.

There is phytic acid, present in the skin, and it prevents our capability of absorbing the minerals and vitamins. Thus, it is a scientifically created butter package, with full of nutrients.

  • No peanut, salt, and sugar.
  • Contains Vitamin E, iron, magnesium and calcium.
  • Can be stored easily without refrigeration.

  • Has no sweetness.

#2. Zinke Orchards Creamy Almond Butter

zinke almond butter

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Zinke has offered a reliable almond butter jar, containing 16oz of product.

Almond filled butter

Zinke has collected the freshly grown almonds in California. Then, all these nuts are processed in an innovative technique, retaining the freshness and quality. This butter is really delicious to most of the consumers. Prepare your smoothies with this best almond butter.


You may have an allergy to peanuts. That is why the manufacturer has added no peanut to the butter.

  • Delicious butter that can be topped on your crackers, breads, and muffins.
  • Protein-rich butter.
  • No presence of any preservative and additive.

  • Not a non-GMO product.

#3. NaturAlmond Almond Butter, Salt Free

almond butter natur

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Size of package

We have picked another tasty almond butter package for you. You can invest on the NaturAlmond jar to get 12 oz of butter.


Lots of consumers try to avoid too much salt in their food. Thus, NaturAlmond has manufactured this butter, avoiding the use of salt. You will have no negative impact on your health.


You can get the best standard, yummy butter, made of almonds. The manufacturing team has roasted these almonds and then ground them properly. You will find the freshness in this almond butter.

  • Healthy and delicious butter
  • No salt
  • Thick consistency that can be easily spread on bread

  • Not much creamy

#4. 365 Everyday Value, Almond Butter Creamy

trisix almond butter

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It is another 16 Ounce package, available for the almond butter lovers. For every container, you can get 14 servings. Buy one package and try it out. You have to refrigerate the product after opening the jar.


The manufacturer has used dry roasted almond nuts to prepare this butter for the consumers. Thus, you can get all the benefits from these nuts.

Highly nutritious

This is a sodium-free and cholesterol-free butter. There is a monosaturated fat of 10g with carbohydrate of 7g. Total calorie value of this butter is 190.

  • 100 percent almonds.
  • No harmful chemical.
  • Good flavor.
  • No salt.

  • Much oily.

Final Words

Thus, buy the best almond butter package from our reviews. This butter will make you healthier with all its nutrients.

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