The Pros of Using Wooden Kitchen Utensils

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Wooden Kitchen Utensils – Using kitchen utensils made of wood is an ancient trend that many homemakers follow today. This itself says a lot about the reliance on wood for kitchen use.

For these homemakers, cutting boards, spoons, bowls, pans, and plates are the kitchen mainstays. Anyone can use them for any kind of cooking. Further, if maintained well, they can last longer than the expected duration.

wooden kitchen utensils

Wooden Kitchen Utensils – The Benefits

Both the conventional and practical reasons motivate people to choose wood as the build material for their kitchen utensils. However, there are some user-friendly benefits of these items as compared to plastic or stainless steel. Let’s check them out!

No Chemical Reactions

Wood is inert by nature. In other words, this means that it is chemically inactive. So, for the home users, it means that wooden utensils do not react when it comes in contact with cooked food.

This is a plus point, as wooden kitchen utensils do not leak unhealthy chemicals into the cooked recipe placed in them. This is because wood does not react with any kind of acid present in the recipe to affect the taste negatively.

No Food Contamination

According to research and experts, wood ranks first on the list of antibacterial artificial objects. By nature, trees keep mold, bacteria, and infections at bay. So, even the wood has the same characteristics. It carries some cells due to which mold and bacteria cannot penetrate or grow.

Almost all wooden spoons, chopping boards, and other utensils are coated with mineral oils. This adds to a more neutral surface that keeps bacteria at bay. This is how wooden utensils have anti-germ properties. Germs and bacteria tend to multiply more quickly on metal and plastic than on wooden tools.

Scratch Free Usage

You must have seen that wooden spoons and other utensils are usually used with nonstick cookware. Why so? This is because they do not result in scratches on the coated-like surfaces, which metal utensils or tools may otherwise lead to.

The main reason that a wooden spoon will not scratch a non-stick surface is its softness. Wooden items are quite gentle as well as soft while using them with the most sensitive surfaces. This is evident while using a wooden spatula that never creates a scratch the non-stick finishing.

It also does not scratch the surface of utensils made using stainless steel or cast iron. Last but not the least; unlike metal tools, wooden tools do not make noise at all while cooking.

No Burning Risk

This is a pro point that makes wooden kitchen utensils better than the metal ones. Wood is a bad conductor of heat due to which a wooden spoon or a spatula does not conduct heat. You can test this by keeping such a spoon or a spatula in a hot pot for a prolonged period. In the end, its handle remains cool.


Using wooden kitchen utensils is truly a wise way to maintain your health. You also make an environmental-friendly choice, as it is a renewable resource.

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