propane vs. electric smoker

Propane vs. Electric Smoker

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Are you planning to buy a new smoker? Do you ask yourself this question which always leaves you confused regarding the quality of the product? So, do not worry or get tensed, this article will help you out of this problem.

Propane vs. Electric Smoker – What’s the Difference?

The article entails all the information regarding the propane and electric smoker, and further you will get to know the difference between Propane vs. electric smoker. Also, you will find which smoker provides maximum benefits or advantages to customers. A complete guide to both types of smokers is as follows.

Propane smokers

The smokers which make use of gas as propane to perfectly work in controlled surrounding or environment is known as the propane smokers. Below the iron box or steered box which is responsible for heat generation, a gas burner is placed. The iron chamber makes possible to produce sufficient amount of smoke with the help of charcoal and wood.

A pan in the form of a plate or tray is placed above the gas burner for sawdust and smoking chips. To keep the air between the pan and iron box moist, a liquid pan is provided. This is very beneficial when the long duration of cooking is required.

The vent holes above the iron box make it possible cooking for short duration. It requires small logs of wood to execute the cooking job perfectly. This makes it very easy to cook food in short time.

Lack of insulation makes impossible to execute the cooking job perfectly due to heavy wind blows and cold weather. You will have to trim the meat into pieces as it does not allow accommodating large briskets. Also, it does not provide full rib racks. If you contain a gas tank in advance, then you can easily tackle this problem.

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Benefits of Propane Smoker

Easy to use – As the propane smoker makes use of very less gas, so it becomes very easy to use. The instructions given on the units makes possible for the customers to learn quickly and also it teaches how to handle the propane smoker effectively. They are not very complicated and the process is not complex.

Portable – This amazing benefit of propane smoker make it much more effective and you can use them for cooking effortlessly. It requires very little space to occupy, and you can easily use it in your outdoor space. It is very good and portable if you are planning to spend the whole night camping with your loved ones.

Cooking time – You can decrease the cooking time with the help of appropriate adjustments. Your meal will be prepared in a matter of short time. Also, the heat required for the cooking process for the propane smoker is very low. A temperature regulated mechanism is pre-installed on it.

Flexibility – The propane smoker is available with single and double doors. The doors are flexible enough and can be moved upward making an angle of 450 degrees.

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Electric smoker

Now a day people love smoke food as a meal, and they consider it as the best food. The smoked food adds extra flavor, and the taste is beyond one’s imagination. The tender and moist meat simple melt in mouth providing complete satisfaction to the people. The electric smoker is made especially for this purpose and does its job incredibly.

It contains a heating element used for cooking purpose, thermostats and programmable timers. The electric smoker makes use of electricity as the major source for cooking purpose as compared to the propane which used gas tanks.

The advanced technology and version allow using it even in your kitchen. The only drawback of this smoker is that electricity is not always available.

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Benefits of Electric Smokers

Space – the chamber size of electric smoker is just 530 to 720 sq. Inches. Because of this reason, the space required is very little or small.

Chrome-coated rack – The three to four layered compartment of the electric smoker makes use of chrome-coated racks. One such advantage of it is that you can take them off from the chambers and clean them off with a soft cloth. The cleaning process does not require huge efforts, and this makes the smoker more popular.

Easy to use – with the advancement in technology, the company’s starts incorporating different elements to the electric smokers, this makes it more users friendly. Many of the elements in the electric smoker can be controlled or handled with the help of apps. If you buy this, then you will be able to experience the amazing technology used in it.

Lightweight – The units installed in it are very light, and this makes it more mobile than the propane smoker. The inner walls do not allow the food to stick because of friction. This makes the cooking much more effective and efficient. The weight of the electric smoker is just 66 pounds.

Construction – The design and technology used to make the electric smoker are very simple in construction. This makes it more durable than the propane smoker. The chambers and compartments of electric smoker are made using stainless steel. The quality is also very promising, and the best thing is that you do not have to pay any extra penny for it.

Safe – when it comes to safety the people will make decisions by reliability. The electric smoker is highly reliable compared to the propane smoker. All the temperature related information can be seen on the strip which contains all the major buttons. As it is controlled using the programmable timer, you can cook the food just by putting all the time limit. It can also cook the food automatically.

Propane vs. Electric Smoker – Conclusion

The major difference between the Propane vs. electric smoker is heat difference such as the high and low, comparison related to reliability, weather conditions and mode of use. The electric smoker works perfectly at 275F, but the propane smoker works best at a steady temperature.

From the above article, you can easily distinguish between propane vs. electric smoker and make choices according to it. The best way to buy the smoker of your choice and need is to buy them from the online store as they provide awesome quality products.

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