Affordable And Powerful: Best Juicer Under $50

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Best Juicer Under $50 – Some of you will want a professional and a high-end juicer and obviously, they will want to pay for it. On the other hand, we have users who are looking for extremely affordable models. If you are one of them, you will have to consider the best juicer under $50.

Best Juicer Under $50 – Top-Rated Models

Below you will be able to see three models that simply offer a lot of features and advantages considering the price they have.

#1. Aicok Juicer Juice Extractor

aicok best juicer under $50

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It is known that the tested model is the best juicer under $50 available on the market right now. It is based on the latest technology and it truly has a lot to offer. All this means that the unit we have here will be more than just a decent choice for you.

We should point out that this company has the best customer support and they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Anyway, let’s see what makes this juicer so special.

More juice and more vitamins

Thanks to the use of different and advanced technologies, you get more juice with this juicer. As a matter of fact, you will get around 25% more of juice compared to similar models available on the market. Then we have the vitamin levels. You will get 30% more of them. If you are looking for a way to get healthy beverages, this juicer may be the best choice.

Dual speed electric motor

The motor we have here will operate on 12.000 or 15.000 RPMs. What this means is that you get the most suitable speed at any given moment and you are ready to get an even better juice than ever before. Keep in mind that this feature used to be reserved for more expensive, more professional models available on the market. Now, you can get all of this at a low price.

  • Customer support.
  • Dual speed electric motor.
  • More juice and more vitamins thanks to clever features.
  • Looks great.
  • Value for money.

  • Loud.
  • Useless user manual.

#2. BESTEK Whole Fruit Centrifugal Juicer Machine

bestek best juicer under $50

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The second juicer on our list is special as well. It has some interesting advantages compared to similar models. For example, it comes in a more awarding package and it also offers dual speed electric motor.

The low speed is used for soft fruits and vegetables which the second speed is used for hard ones. In addition, this is a reliable and durable model that will put a smile on your face every single time you use it.

Big feed chute

The chute in this case scenario is 3 inches in diameter. This allows for the users to use whole fruits and vegetables and decreases the time needed for you to get yourself a cup of juice. We liked this feature a lot and we must add that it has been commonly seen among more expensive models. Of course, the electric motor of 800 Watts and sharp blades are capable of processing the ingredients perfectly.

Great package for the money

Despite the fact this is an affordable juicer, it truly comes in a great package. You will get the juicer, 1.1 L juice cup, and a massive 2L pulp container. We like models with a massive pulp container, simply because they are easier to use and they require less maintenance. Once again, all professional models come with a massive pulp container, so you can deduce how important they are.

  • Two-speed electric motor.
  • Massive pulp container.
  • Massive feed chute.
  • Reasonably powerful and easy to clean.
  • Powerful electric motor.

  • Takes a lot of space in a kitchen.
  • Some elements are made of cheap materials.

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#3. Best Choice Products 700-Watt Power Juicer

best choice best juicer under 50

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Maybe the name of this juicer sounds interesting, but it only reflects the true purpose of the model behind. The juicer we tested is more than an average and simple model. It comes with some, advanced features and overall, it is a nice and useful juicer which can be used at any given moment and it will put a smile on your face.

The electric motor has 700 Watts of power and two speeds. In addition, this is one of the rare models from this price range that comes in two color versions. You can choose between stainless steel (silver) and red version. The prices are almost the same.

ETL-certified design

This means that the unit is safe to use. It comes with an enhanced safety thanks to the locking arm and several other elements. What this means is that using the juicer is safer than usual. In the package you also get a lot of additional equipment, so you will be perfectly safe. At least your fingers will, while operating.

Impressive cutting discs

Of course, almost all juices have cutting discs which are referred to as blades. But, this one is a bit different. The blades are better designed than most other models from this price range have to offer.

They are also more durable and capable of meeting more demanding operations. All this means that the juice you will get will be of a higher quality and it will help you get more healthy ingredients out of vegetables and fruits. After all, this may be the best choice juicer.

  • ETL-certified design.
  • Two-speed electric motor.
  • Great package for the money.
  • Safe to use.
  • Available in two color versions.

  • More power would be better.
  • Attention to details.


Now you know that the best juicer under $50 doesn’t have to be cheap only. It is affordable and it offers almost all the features you are going to need. Of course, you shouldn’t be looking for professional systems and elements, but at the end of a day, these juicers will get the job done and they will provide you with juice you need.

It was difficult to make a list because all models are special in their own way and all of them deserve a high level of attention. But, this also means that regardless of the fact which one you choose, you will get the best one.

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