Pour Over Vs. French Press: The Best Method To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee

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Pour Over Vs. French Press – There are literally countless methods you can use to prepare yourself a great cup of coffee. Nowadays most of those methods can be found in coffee makers, but the main difference comes when we compare the Pour Over vs. French Press. Simply said, coffee makers that use these methods are the most common and the most popular, so which one is better?

Pour Over Vs. French Press Coffee Brewing Methods

To answer the question, let’s compare these two lovely methods.

Pour Over

This is one of the older and more common mechanisms coffee makers use today. It isn’t complicated. Basically ground coffee will be at the top of the cone where it will wait for the hot water to come in circular motion. After that, the coffee passes through the filter and into the mug. This is the main reason why these machines are also known as dripping coffee makers.

coffee brewing methods Pour Over Vs. French Press

Here we can see the main difference which comes in the drippers. Some models have them, some are fully adjustable while others use carafe addition in order to store prepared coffee. Of course, all of this depends on the model, type, and subtype of the coffee maker.

Keep in mind that there are differences in taste and odor. Coffee made with this method usually has a lighter aroma and it is more appealing for those who are looking for the corresponding coffee. It is also lighter and more appealing for those who want different aromas to try.

Keep in mind that you will need more equipment in this case scenario. Basically, you need drippers, stand, filters and etc. A good thing is the fact you now can get an entire coffee maker with all the essentials almost anywhere you want and it will be easy to install and use. Still, keep in mind that coffee makers that use this method are bigger and come with more elements. On the other hand, there is a lower risk of sediments with this method.

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French Press

How this method works is really simple, yet it will impress you. It is based on a cylinder and a plunger. The cylinder is usually made of glass, while the plunger is made of stainless steel. In the end, we can see a stainless steel filter where coffee will pass and combine with hot water. This method was invented by an Italian designer back in 1929, but it was promoted in France, so it got the name French press.

Pour Over Vs. French Press coffee brewing methods

The taste and the aroma of the coffee prepared using this method are inconsistent. This means that every single time you prepare a cup of coffee it will have a different taste. Why does this happen? Well, there are a lot of variables. First of all, how long the brewing process takes which machine you use, what is the temperature and what is the size of coffee beans. Basically, every single time you prepare a cup of coffee you will get a different taste.

In general, taste is a bit stronger and definitely desirable for those who want a cup of coffee rich in caffeine. The aroma will vary significantly, but in general, it is also stronger than coffees have prepared with the first method here.

When it comes to the equipment we need, the French press is definitely a winner. It uses very little equipment and using it is simpler than ever. Basically, you have so little to do with the equipment, so you will get the simplest way to prepare yourself a cup of coffee.

The risk of sediments here is higher than usual, or better said it is higher than in the first case scenario. In order to make sure this issue doesn’t affect you, always use high-end filters and coffee machines. They are simply safer and more appealing.

Pour Over Vs. French Press – Conclusion

In the end, when it comes to the Pour Over vs. French Press comparison, the winner depends on your needs. What type of coffee do you want? If you are looking for a cup of coffee which is always the same, has a rich taste and aroma, then Pour Over method is a better choice. If you are looking for a cup of coffee which will be different every time you prepare it, French Press is more than just appealing.

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