The Most Popular Cumin Substitute Solutions

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Let’s identify the most common Cumin Substitute Solutions to keep your dinner guests happy

Cumin is one of those spices with an incredibly unique aroma – you just can’t miss it. When about to prepare a recipe that involves using cumin, you better have it around. It can be a deal breaker if you finish it. However, unexpected situations arise and sometimes, you just can’t get out to buy some.

cumin substitute

Some Common Cumin Substitute Options

Fortunately, this spice is not your only option. In fact, there are a few solid options that can replace cumin. The good news is that you probably already have them. All in all, when trying to find a good cumin substitute, search no more – the answer might be in your pantry.


Coriander is by far the most popular replacement for cumin. Plenty of cooks interchangeably use them if they run out of one or the other. No matter what form of cumin the recipe asks for, coriander comes in handy to solve your issue.

If you think about it, both herbs come from the exact same family. Of course, the taste is not identical if you taste them individually. But then, when used with a plethora of other ingredients and cooked, chances are your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.

Coriander has a stronger flavor, so the substitution rate is somewhere at 50%. Find out how much cumin your recipe asks for, then use two times less coriander. It makes no difference if you need seeds or powder – proportions are the same. You can always add more coriander if you feel like it, but you can never take it out once you’ve started preparing the mix.

Chili Powder

Chili powder makes another great cumin substitute if used correctly. Most cooks overlook this alternative because chili is just… chili. Bad idea! The chili you can find in commerce comes in a few varieties. The so-called cayenne chili pepper is usually 100% chili. On the other hand, classic chili powder is actually a mix of herbs with chili dominating the taste. Sometimes, the powder is even mixed with cumin.

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Pay special attention when using chili powder as a cumin substitute though. Certain manufacturers might use plenty of lemon or garlic in the composition. You risk changing the taste of your dish to 180 degrees. To prevent this problem, stick to traditional chili powder. Check the ingredients and if it has cumin in it, you’re a winner! Use half the amount as a substitute and add more later on or your meal will be too spicy.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds might represent the most popular cumin substitute after coriander. They are all part of the same family, which means their aromas carry plenty of similarities. They’re similar in appearance too.

If you need to use cumin seeds and you use caraway seeds instead, the substitution won’t affect the color and design of your meal. All in all, start with half the required amount. Chances are you’ll need more than what the recipe asks for, but starting low leaves room for adjustments. Cumin is spicier than caraway, yet it’s still important to adjust accordingly.

Other cumin substitute solutions include:

  • Taco seasoning.
  • Curry powder.
  • Sweet smoked paprika.
  • Garam masala.
  • Chipotle seasoning.

So, the next time you need a good cumin substitute, you can consider one of some options above.

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