Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Plant-Based Protein Powder

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Plant-Based Protein Powder – Proper protein intake is essential for everyone, not just vegans and bodybuilders. For many years, proteins were mainly associated with whey protein. It’s a great amino acid profile and high protein content explain why was so.

plant-based protein powder

However, things are changing. Nowadays, thanks to new technology and research we see the rise of plant-based protein powder. More and more people are turning towards a plant-based on account of the whey protein.

Why Whey Proteins Are Losing Ground To Powder Plant Proteins

Unlike whey proteins, plant-based ones don’t come with certain pitfalls and drawbacks. Here are the top reasons why everyone should switch to plant-based proteins:

  1. Almost 65% of all population is lactose intolerant, and many people are not even aware of it. Due to that many people that consume whey powder often feel uncomfortable or bloated after taking whey powder. Whey powder contains less lactose than most dairy products, but it’s enough to cause some of the symptoms described above. On the other hand, plant-based protein powder doesn’t contain any lactose and doesn’t cause any discomfort so ever. That makes it the only option for millions of people worldwide.
  2. There have been several studies pointing to heavy metals in some of the best-known whey protein brands. The thing is that many farmers feed their cows with GMO that contains heavy metals. All farmers care that their livestock is fed and gives milk. According to the American Consumer Report Study, certain whey protein brands had products that contained concerning levels of cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead.
  3. The environment can also benefit from your switch to plant-based proteins. Whey proteins are derived from milk that comes from farms in which cows are kept in unsanitary conditions, often overcrowded, fed with GMO, regularly given antibiotics and artificial hormones. And of course, their carbon footprint is huge. Therefore, if you care about the environment and climate change, you will take this into consideration as well.

The Main Features of A Top Plant-Based Protein Powder

Thanks to the fast-growing popularity of this type of proteins, there are hundreds of brands on the market, with news popping out on a daily basis. Here we look at the features that describe a great plant-based protein powder.

Complete Protein

There are plenty of single protein powders that don’t contain all the essential amino acids. There is a total of nine amino acids. Make sure that the protein powder you are buying contains all nine acids. That way you won’t miss out on any of the amino acids that we all need.

100% Organic

What’s the point of everything if your protein powder comes from a plant drenched in pesticides. Instead, make sure that it comes from organically produced food. To that end, you can check if the powder has the label that describes organic.

Top Quality Ingredients

One of the biggest challenges for a plant protein manufacturer is to make it taste well. Most taste bitter, gritty, or have a color that sends the wrong kind of message. To fix this, some manufacturers add all sorts of artificial flavors, sweeteners, artificial coloring, or/and flow agents. Don’t fall for that. Instead, go with ones that contain natural flavors and natural stevia.

Rich In Micronutrients

Not every plant-based protein powders are made the same. Go for the ones that are very rich in micronutrients. For instance, pea protein is rich in vitamin E, iron, zinc, and calcium. On the other hand, the pumpkin protein is packed with potassium and magnesium. The point here is why not get some minerals and vitamins while already taking your protein.

Avoid Gmo

There are not enough studies that can confirm the long-term effects of GMOs. To that end, it is for the best not to go with something that is not backed with enough science such as GMO. Until we get some real data, from real science, and not just conspiracy theories, we recommend sticking to organic.

Reputable Manufacturer

The best ones try to keep an impeccable reputation that has extended to the online world, as it is among their buyers. Make sure that the brand you are researching hasn’t any past or ongoing investigations regarding their practices and products. At the same time make sure that they are at the very least a socially responsible company that is not all about profit, but likes to give back as well.

Where To Buy From

It doesn’t matter whether you buy it online or from a local store as long as it is the right brand sold at the right price.


There were several scandals in the last few years that has been resolved. The main issues were with the manufacturers that used plants which were full of pesticides. Soon after the news broke out, they withdrew those products from the shelves. That is why we assembled the guide, so you know how to choose a protein powder that is safe to consume.

Consulting With A Nutritionist

This is always a good idea. A nutritionist not only can help you creating your diet, but can also recommend the right amount of protein powder you need. We all need our proteins, but we are not the same and we all need different amounts. That’s due to many factors, well familiar to nutritionists that are specialized in healthy eating.

Be Consistent

Being consistent with your protein intake is how you make the most of it and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Make a schedule and stick to it for best results, whatever your motivation or goal might be.


Apply some of the advice and tips you learn here, and the odds are in your favor to reap the benefits from a great plant-based protein powder. Don’t fall for other types of powders that promise almost miraculous results.

Almost without exception, they are short-lived products without any science background that can cause more harm than good. Instead, stick to what is proven to be efficient and 100% healthy.

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