Pit Boss Vs. Traeger: Best Grills Which Use Hardwood Pellets

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If you are looking for the best pellet grill, chances are high that you will encounter a choice between Pit Boss vs. Traeger. Both of these brands stopped using charcoal and started with wood pellets. At the end of a day, they are safer to use, offer better results and more appealing to use. Let’s check these two brands.

Pit Boss vs. Traeger Pellet Comparison

Pit Boss

This is definitely an interesting brand to consider. They make some of the best, big-size grills available on the market and they are more than just professional. Yes, all models use pellets, which is actually a positive side. In the Pit Boss vs. Traeger comparison, we must add that they are based on the same technology, but there are some differences.

Pit Boss vs. Traeger grills

First of all, Pit Boss uses more sophisticated technology and offers a wide range of choices. It comes with features such as automatic startup and cools down systems, which will make grilling easier and make it possible even for the beginners. Then we have a digital control system, which uses LED display. It is similar to the Traeger models, but not entirely. What’s a new feature is the smoke area which will keep the smoke inside, therefore eliminates the heat loss.

This brand also comes with more sophisticated features such as side shelves, additions and they are more practical. In essence, these grills are ideal for those who want the best and the most sophisticated grills on the market, which are at the same time easy to use.

The design is different as well. Let’s say that Pit Boss makes a bit different, original grills, which is definitely an advantage if you are looking for a great grill, which will also look great while using it. Of course, the overall quality is above the average, so these grills are going to last for a long period of time regardless of the fact how frequently you use them.

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This is a well-known brand so chances are high that you have owned or you own one right now. Basically, this is the best choice when it comes to home-based usages. These grills are great for home parties, for grilling in the backyard and etc. You will definitely going to enjoy using them. They are also simpler to use than the first brand here, so this is an advantage.

pit boss vs. traeger grill - pellet smoker

The next main difference is in the performances which are slightly better here. You can adjust the temperature easily and make any adjustment within a matter of second. Of course, a digital temperature control system is something you will need and it comes with every single model made by this brand.

We must add the fact that Traeger also offers more models in their offer, but the biggest one is still smaller than the Pit Boss biggest model. Of course, this brand comes with 20 different units and one of the most popular ones have a grilling space of 646 square inches, which is a great size for most users.

The design is traditional, but don’t expect anything spectacular. These grills are made to be simple and practical as much as possible. Cleaning sadly isn’t simple as that, so you will need some time to get used to the process.

At the end, we should mention that Traeger grills are not designed for usages on remote locations. They are massive, heavy and complicated to assembly. As such, if this is your primary desire try to spend some time looking at the models of other brands.

Pit Boss vs. Traeger – Conclusion

Pit Boss vs. Traeger comparison is more than just complicated to deduce and explain, due to the fact both brands are basically similar. However, the main differences include design, which is better with Pitt Boss and the available models. Here we can also see that Pit Boss is in the leadership. Also, they are more complicated to use and they are more expensive.

Traeger, on the other hand, makes more affordable models, which are simpler to use and more practical. Of course, they still offer over 20 units on the market, so it is easy to choose the one you prefer. But, the lack of big grills is present.

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