Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

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If you love the combination of oranges and cream, then you’ll fall in love with these orange creamsicle cupcakes.

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Hey everyone its Amy and today's video we will be making these orange creamsicle cupcakes.

Mixing Cupcakes Dough

You're going to start by placing a sifter over a large bowl into that.  Add half a cup of all-purpose flour and sift that through into that. You're going to add 1 cup of cake flour, you can do all all-purpose flour if you don't have cake flour on hand.

I found that adding the cake flour and all-purpose flour together makes the cupcakes much lighter and airy. you're also going to be adding 1 and a half teaspoons of baking powder and a quarter teaspoon of salt. Whisk this together and set this aside.

Mixing Filling Cream

Now for your wet ingredients you're going to start with half a cup of softened unsalted butter just beat that until it is pale and fluffy. You're going to add 3/4 of a cup of granulated sugar and beat that in until well combined. Now you're going to be adding 2 eggs, one at a time.

Make sure you mix it well between each addition so that it doesn't curdle. Here goes the last egg. Now you want to zest an orange make sure it is nicely washed and clean. You want to get around 2 teaspoons of this orange zest and add that into your batter then beat this in. Now you want to cut it open and you want to choose the orange.

Now you're going to measure out a quarter cup of this orange juice. You can save the rest for when we make the frosting. So now we're going to be adding half of the dry ingredients into your wet ingredients. Mix that in and also add that orange juice and again beat that in as well.

So I decided to add some orange food coloring so that you can tell that it'll have an orange flavor. If you aren't a fan of food coloring you could obviously leave this out. Now I added the rest of my dry ingredients and mixing that in along with 1/3 cup of milk and that is it. For your orange cupcake batter, you can go ahead and beat this until it is nice and combined. Do not over beat it or else your cupcake batter will turn out very tough. I just fold this with a spatula so that I can ensure that no clumps of butter or sugar are left behind.


Now you want to build your cupcake liners around 3/4 of the way full. I just use an ice cream scoop to help me do this more evenly. Now you want to bake these at 350 Fahrenheit or 180 Celsius for 18 to 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean from our orange creamsicle cupcakes.

In the meantime I made this cream cheese whipped frosting with 4 ounces of cream cheese a cup of powdered sugar and 3/4 of a cup of heavy cream. I'll leave the link to the video where I made this frosting in the description below. So you can go ahead and click that if you'd like to see it.

Make Frosting Cream

Now I reserved a quarter of the frosting so that I can use this for the filling in the center of the cupcakes I use 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract. Then you want to transfer this into a pastry bag for the rest of the frosting. I just dyed it with a little bit of orange food coloring.

I wanted kind of like a light pastel orange and I also added 1/2 a teaspoon of orange extract. You can also add the orange juice from earlier but I wanted a more concentrated flavor on the frosting. This is the finished orange frosting for orange creamsicle cupcakes.


Once the cupcakes are out of the oven and completely cooled you want to take a cupcake corer. You want to take out the middle of each cupcake and taking the cream cheese frosting that is just plain. You want to fill the center of each cupcake and this will kind of be like the cream in a creamsicle.

Then you want to put the top right back on. Now you can frost the top of the cupcakes using the orange frosting that we made. Now you can leave it just like this but I decided to add some more decoration by adding some orange zest. I added a slice of an orange into each cupcake as well.

So here are the finished orange creamsicle cupcakes. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up. I'll see you guys in my next video.

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