Orange Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

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Orange Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe – This recipe is delicious, and it will “WOW” your family and friends. It is easy to make and suitable for all occasions. Hope you can give them a try.

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Title: How to make Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

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hi guys and welcome to lovelylady cake, today I'm making an orange cream cheese frosting. This is so good frosting goes on everything right. You just use it with your finger put on some cake maybe a breakfast pastry, it's really simple to let me show you how to make it.


To make this we'll need cream cheese butter, orange food coloring, one little orange, and some powdered sugar. Alright first off we're going to be creaming our cream cheese and our butter. Just stick it right on in to make this orange buttercream let's use fresh oranges.

So I'm going to be using my micro plane and just taking the skin off of our orange. If you don't have a micro plane that's okay you can use maybe your cheese grater. Just kind of go back home forth get all the little flesh it has the most aroma.

Now we need the actual juice inside I'm just going to cut it half for last ingredient, pour in your powdered sugar. Alright here in my hand I have some orange food color I mean we've got our orange cream cheese frosting. It smells delicious but now I just want to bump up the color with a little bit of orange. Look at our lovely orange color our cream cheese frosting so let's go let's try it.


The orange just so authentic I love it guys. I mean don't forget you can eat, you can put this on like your chocolate cake. Check out my video right here you need to know how to make a chocolate cake or even cinnamon rolls. My goodness thank you so much for watching, subscribe, favorite, like, share all that good stuff see you next time bye.