Nutribullet vs. Vitamix: Which Is Better And More Suitable For You?

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Nutribullet vs. Vitamix Here we have prepared the ultimate Nutribullet vs. Vitamix comparison. Both brands are well-known for some of the best blenders of the modern era, but they are also different, so we will have to compare them in order for you to realize all of their differences.


The first thing we will have to mention is the functionality of the Vitamix blenders. They are essential if you want to prepare desserts, juices, smoothies, soups, and dips. As such they are generally more functional than the second brand here.

When it comes to design, these blenders are considered to be traditional. This is a good thing for most users. Their new kitchen applications will look elegant and they will match the highest number of kitchen decors. Of course, this may be an issue if you are looking for a modern and great-looking blender!

blender vitamix 6500 vs. 7500

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The next comparison is related to controls. In general, this brand makes blenders that come with more controls. You get a big and easy to use control knob which is used to adjust the speed of the unit. You also get additional buttons to adjust the machine to operate precisely as you want. There are plenty of controls for those who want them.

Sizes available are petite or small. Most of these models are easy to store and they occupy as little space as needed. However, they are not as great as the second brand we have here.

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The last but not least is the price. These appliances are more expensive. After all, they come with more controls and a better flexibility, so the higher price is mandatory. These models are generally preferable for users who want something more and who are ready to invest in a new blender of the modern generation that comes with all the features in the book.


This brand is more than just different compared to Vitamix. Let’s start with the functionality. It is commonly used for making smoothies and juice from fruits and vegetables. As you can see, the functionality isn’t as advanced as in the first case scenario.

Design, on the other hand, is slightly better. First of all these machines come designed like a bullet, therefore the name. The design is modern and makes them look more appealing for average users. We agree that these blenders are generally more sophisticated, at least when it comes to the design.

nutribullet best blender under 100

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Now we must explain the controls. In the lack of a better word, there is only one button on Nutribullet appliances. You will use it to activate and stop the unit and that’s it.

Usually, there are no advanced controls, which make these units extremely easy to use. Of course, the lack of advanced controls may be an issue. The simplicity is also an advantage for those who want to get a smoothie or a cup of juice as soon as possible.

Size is another advantage. These units are also available as small and petite, but they are usually easier to store and they occupy less space, compared to Vitamix. If your kitchen has a limited space for a new blender, this brand may be the obvious choice.

The last difference on our list is the price. Nutribullet models are more affordable and they are generally considered to be an excellent value for money. Considering all the facts we have mentioned here, they are a better choice for users who want simple, affordable and compact blenders to use for smoothies and juices.

But, they are not the best alternative for those who want advanced features and superior functionality.

Nutribullet vs. Vitamix – Conclusion

At the end of a day, the Nutribullet vs. Vitamix comparison is more than just complicated. Both of these brands are known for making excellent blenders but they are more than just different. Let’s just say that Vitamix is focused on users who want more features and they are prepared to pay for them.

Nutribullet is great for those who seek affordable blender with the basic set of features and modern design. As such, you should choose the next blender according to your requirements and applications you will have prepared for the new unit.

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