Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 Review – Let’s Froth The Milk & Make The Coffee Stronger

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Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 Review – Are you tired of waiting for just one cup of coffee in a coffee shop? Or is it that your own coffee pot has bored you? Well, if it is so, the Ninja Coffee bar can be the best bet, as it has revolutionized the way of brewing amidst the privacy and comfort of home.

If you intend to make one cup of coffee, a single-serve appliance is ideal. With such a model, you can even relish the barista-style taste without going out of your kitchen. This is exactly what the Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 ensures. Loaded with some most commendable features, the minimalistic yet efficiently functional design can fulfill the thirst of an authentic ground coffee taste.

ninja coffee bar cf112 review

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Features of Ninja Coffee Bar CF112

It is an entry-level brewer that is priced less but has more features. So, let’s evaluate its rich features.

Any Ground Coffee

This system does not rely on the costly coffee pods, unlike other comparable brewing options. You are free to use any ground coffee for making different coffee beverages having a cool taste. Well, this gives you full control and is convenient enough. You also end up saving money as there is no need of pods.

Five Brewing Options

The most appealing feature is that it comes with all possible brewing methods, ranging right from classic to cafe forte. Following are these five options:

  • Classic for a balanced taste.
  • Rich for an intense taste.
  • Over Ice for brewing over ice.
  • Cafe for a striking, complex taste.
  • Specialty for having a rich coffee essence for making a myriad of beverages such as frozen, hot, and blended ones (done by frothing and blending milk).

Four Different Brewing Sizes

Despite being a single-serve device, this brewer offers four brewing sizes to choose. These are regular, travel mug, large cup, and multi-serve. While you can make for two people, do not expect a full carafe. Despite this shortage, this device works swiftly so that you can serve the desired brew type along with the intended size.

Integrated Frother

With this utility, this brewer allows you to froth milk easily without any former frothing knowledge. The output is a rich and smooth foam. You can use this foam to make any kind of premium beverages such as cappuccinos and rich lattes.

Special Mug for Brewing

This system comes with a 14-ounce mug that is ideal for daily use. The commendable part is that it is a transparent mug that shows clear marks for measuring the liquid quantity inside. It is flexible enough to turn to a double-walled mug so that you can sip your favorite beverage without looking for any other mug. The mug can hold both hot and cold coffee.


  • All brew types.
  • Integrated frother for perfect texture.
  • Easy to use with one-touch facility.
  • Full ground flavor.
  • Efficient.
  • Good-sized tumbler.
  • Permanent filter.
  • Affordable.


  • No half and full Carafe.
  • Big size but restricted capacity.
  • Not easy to clean.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 Review – Conclusion

This Ninja coffee bar is easy to use and affordable for treating yourself or two. You are ensured of delectable coffee beverages whenever you like.

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